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Thursday, March 7, 2013


President Venezuela Comrade Hugo Chavez body taken on a mammoth procession from the hospital

Comrade Hugo Chavez a revolutionary leader

Hugo Chavez – one of the most famous political leaders of the contemporary world and the President of Venezuela has died. He was a revolutionary and he contributed for major and basic changes in the economy, politics and every aspect of contemporary Venezuela. He led the country against all machinations of American imperialism and consolidated his nation into a strong and independent country having close friendship with all other countries of his South American continent in particular. He showed great guts in nationalising the oil fields and liberated them from the exploitative grip of American Corporates and turned the gains to change the lives of poor people of his country. He had a unique style of building close relationship with the masses. He was a revolutionary leader to bring basic changes in the interest of the toiling masses. He built friendship with countries like Cuba unmindful of reactions from US Imperialism. It would not be out of place to mention that several countries of the South American continent asserted their own independent development and got liberated from the clutches of exploitation of American imperialism by drawing inspiration and leadership from Hugo Chavez. He was all along the best friend of working class all over the world who are fighting against neo-liberal policies of the world corporate houses. The US Imperialism tried everything in the book to unseat him from power but the love and affection of the people of Venezuela always defeated those designs and elected him as their beloved President of the nation. He was only 58 at the time of his demise that was caused by the cancer disease for which he was getting treatment. Not only the people of Venezuela and the Continent of South America but the working people of the whole world have lost their best friend and leader.

National Federation of Postal Employees dips its banner in the fond memory of the departed leader. Hugo Chavez Amar Rahe!

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