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Friday, February 29, 2008




NFPE congratulates the newly elected team of Office Bearers of AIPEDEU CHQ headed by Comrade D.N.Giri as CHQ President and Comrade S.S.Mahadevaiah as General Secretary. The AIC of AIPEDEU was held at Rewa [Madhyapradesh] from 24th to 26th February 2008. NFPE Secretary General, P3 and R4 General Secretaries attended the AIC.


The deliberations of the AIC emphasized the need for total unity between the GDS and the regular employees in facing the future. The debates in the subjects committee were problem oriented. The suggestion by the NFPE to consolidate the unity inside the GDS Organisation was well taken by the leadership of the GDS Union and a unanimous team of Office Bearers was elected with due representation for major and militant circles like West Bengal, Kerala, Andhra, Uttarpradesh, Assam etc. NFPE Secretary General had earlier emphasized the need for unity by GDS Union accepting the offer of Federal Council Resolution for 'Associate Membership' outside the Constitution of NFPE and for withdrawing the court cases etc against the NFPE and work together with the NFPE.


With the declaration that GDS Union would not do anything against NFPE getting its recognition and the acceptance of Associate Membership and readiness for considering withdrawal of NFPE as a respondent in Court Cases as well as consolidation of unity inside the GDS Union with major Circles representing in the team of Office Bearership with whom the GDS General Secretary would always consult before taking major organisational decisions, a new chapter will open in building the unity in our movement. In the new chapter there need not be any anti-NFPE or anti-GDS positions from any corner. Let the postal workers movement in which the GDS are an inseparable part move onward unitedly to face the serious problems being faced by the entirety of employees in our postal department.


NFPE has now submitted its Memorandum on GDS to GDS Committee also after all others have submitted earlier. Since the VI CPC to whom the NFPE had submitted the Memorandum decided not to go into the issues of GDS, there is no option before us. We discussed the matter with the General Secretary GDS Union, who also desired that we should go for oral evidence before the GDS Committee as a single united team. NFPE Secretary General and all General Secretaries including the General Secretary GDS Union would go before the GDS Committee as a single team to press effectively all the basic issues before the Committee.


NFPE invites the General Secretary GDS Union to attend all the NFPE Conventions being organised in the remaining 19 Circles to strengthen the movement and prepare it for future struggles and task.


Let us move together and with determination.


Secretary General NFPE


Dear Comrades - NFPE and FNPO Secretary Generals and R3, R4 General Secretaries of both the Federations were invited for a meeting by the Department of Posts to discuss about the issue of change of nomenclature of RMS into 'Mail Business Arm'. In fact this meeting was convened on our protest on the issue of unilateral orders by the Department changing the nomenclature w.e.f.1.3.2008. The Department thereupon issued another order keeping the implementation of the orders under abeyance. In this meeting held on 27.02.2008 also the Staff Side placed all arguments to retain the nomenclature of RMS. The decision of the meeting is that the orders will continue to remain unimplemented for further discussions after the Staff Side getting the interaction with our rank and file leadership. However after the meeting we thought it fit to write to the Department of Posts all our strong view points and apprehensions on the issue. The following joint letter by the Secretary Generals of NFPE and FNPO was submitted to the Department.

National Federation of Postal Employees

1ST Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi - 110001

Federation of National Postal Organisations

T-24, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi - 110001


No. Postal JCA/2/ 2008  Dated: 28th    February 2008



The Secretary,

Department of Posts,

Dak Bhawan,

New Delhi - 110001


Sub:            Objections on the change of nomenclature of Railway Mail Service (RMS) into " Mail Business Arm"- reg.


Ref:     No. 6-5/2007-D dated 30.01.2008 and

No.25-21/2003-PE-I dated 23.07.2007 &

FNPO letter No.RMS/08 dated 12.02.2008.


NFPE and FNPO lodge their strong protest on the proposed change of nomenclature of RMS into 'Mail Business Arm', for the following reasons:


a)             The proposal is not in accordance with law: The various rules regarding the establishment and functioning of RMS are contained in different Postal Manuals starting from Volume V, Volume VII, FHB Vol. and I. II and in host of other volumes spread over. All these Volumes, as is well known to the Postal Directorate, are based on the Constitution of India and various Articles contained therein. For instance, FHB Vol. I derive its authority from Clause 1 of Art. 283 of Constitution. Unilateral action to change the nomenclature, it is strongly felt, is not in consonance with the Constitutional provisions and may have to be explained accordingly before the Hon'ble Parliament and any amendment, and in this case, large scale amendments are involved, is to be placed before Parliament.


b)            The issue of Motivation and Trade Union participation: The avowed purpose of this exercise, it is told, is for developing more business in the normal mail category as well as in the business mail category. Only a highly motivated work force can achieve this. Motivation is a product of shared vision. The proposed unilateral decision in this regard without involving the Unions and adequate pre-discussions is not at all motivating anyone.


c)            The logic in the office memorandum dated 30.1.2008 in Para 1 is defective: The contention of the Department that the name of the operational mails wing was called RMS to reflect the transmission of the mails through Railways and in the Sorting sections and in the Mail Offices at Railway stations or nearby is well taken. But the fact of the matter is that the position has not changed as dramatically as made out in this Para of OM under ref. Way back in 1948 itself, Airmail came into existence and road transmission had always existed simultaneously with Rail transmission. Therefore, the founding fathers of the Department had in the past gave this wing the name 'RMS' knowing all these facts. Further, even today the largest quantum of mails are processed, forwarded and distributed through the RMS offices and Sorting Offices located closely to Railway stations. Thus, there is no statistical evidence to support the contention of the Directorate. If the Directorate.has the detailed data on the quantum of mails sent through the Railways, processed in the Mail Offices, on the Railway stations and nearby railway stations vis-a-vis the mails handled in the Airport and the mails handled by the surface / roads, it may kindly give the data for meaningful debate before a final decision. Further there is a proposal by the same Directorate to abolish Departmental MMS. One suspects in these measures, a thin end of the wedge to destroy and privatize the DMMS? We were given to understand that this proposal has already been given a green signal. A debate is called for since we are not able to appreciate the outsourcing of mail conveyance through private motor cars.


d)            Our vision statement and the concept of service: Our vision statement reads as follows:


" Socially committed, technologically driven, entrepreneurially managed and self supporting institution. " Will the word "Arm" reflect our social commitment better than the word" service"? The answer is obvious. The word "service" is critical to reflect our commitment to the society. If the argument is that each arm cant not carry the word " service", then how does the Department propose to send the signal for social commitment to the society at large? There is much more than mere semantics involved. By the admission of the Department itself in its letter dated 23.7.2007, " while the market for mail products is definitely on the upswing, only India Post was not able to hold on to its share even in the unregistered non-express segment". The Department recognizes its dwindling grip over un-registered non-express segment. Who is the user of this segment? Largely, the common man and the society at large. Business community for reasons of economy and competitive advantage shifts its loyalty to the least price operator and the predating couriers. The only loyal customer for the Department is the general public who


            (i)            Because they post limited number of letters at a time and

            (ii)            They post letters not on a regular measure, patronize the Department.


Luckily, it is the largest volume of aggregation. Therefore the Department is still having loyal customers from general public. In marketing, what the best marketing manager expects is to have loyal customers. By a single stroke of removing the word 'service' and inserting the word 'Business' the Department will alienate the loyal customers and by the same token may not get new customers from business and industry to offset this loss of loyal customers. By even the modern management concept of marketing, this step of the Department is a retrograde one.


e)            The Department has already a separate Business development Directorate focusing its attention on business products like Speed Post, Express Parcel Post, Logistics Post etc. By mixing these two clear segments the strategies are lost. While synergically, RMS gave the backbone to the new business products, by giving the new name of "Mail Business Arm" overnight, the focus will be shifted and the motivation of the largest number of employees would be lost. (By the way, it is a Division as against the Dte. Eg. PLI Dte. And BD Dte. Hence can not have a CGM as well as a senior DDG. In fact it cannot have the nomenclature of CGM for Railway Mail Service Division as the signature in the memo dated 30.1.2008 reveals. It only makes us wonder whether the Business Development Directorate has two CGMs? Has the importance given to the normal mails gone?]


f)            The pending Bill before the Parliament will be subverted: The pending bill before the Parliament amending Post Office Act talks heavily about the universal service obligations. The courier industry can take advantage of the terminology "Mail Business Arm", rightly or even by twisting the word" Business" out of context, and argue against the Bill.  Therefore the proposed change of name is inopportune and badly timed.


g)            There are clear designations and recruitment policies for RMS as per the Volume V or Manuals of Dept. The present proposal appears to quietly change these rules by diverting and giving and new name. The NFPE and FNPO Federations strongly oppose this. This worry becomes all the more justified in the context of a Para in the above cited letter dated 23.7.2007 which reads, inter alia " reorganize the entire mail set up in the Department as a 'Mail Business Arm' with a clear mandate to bring about strategic changes in our organisational structure as well as HR policies…" Can the attempt to change the nomenclature be a move to change the recruitment rules without even a discussion with in the staff side?


h)            Is the Department serious about really increasing the unregistered non-express segment mails? Are there alternate measures available? Examples like Swiss Post and French Post running their own trains? Is there a possibility on revenue sharing method to run leased trains with limited compartments to meet the special needs of the Postal Service as well as some passengers with lower tariff? May be the Railways, who are also under pressure from roadways, may consider this proposal positively. This has the advantage of fully utilizing the hundreds of RMS offices located in Railway stations. Suggestions like these, which are practical and logical, need to be examined, debated and acted upon. This is possible only when the Staff Side is called for continuous and meaningful discussions.


i)             The Staff side is fully apprehensive that the change of nomenclature would cause serious problems with the Railways. The Department of Posts and the Department of Railways have to come to some understanding before such a change of nomenclature is resorted to. The Railways may take a position since it is not RMS but a mail business affair the Department cannot enjoy certain preferences and privileges available at present with regard to mail vans, accommodation in Railway Buildings including Platforms etc. We cannot convince ourselves that this is non-issue.



Both NFPE and FNPO are as much interested, if not more than the officers, for getting the larger volumes of mails. The act of unilateral change of the nomenclature of RMS, which has been synonymous with motivational cultural heritage - sets at naught the willingness for cooperation and pushes the staff side, if left with no option, to an agitation in an election year. We hope wisdom will prevail on Postal Board, which has approved the memo (did it?), which is a violation of law, and will call us for further discussion and will not give effect to the memo under reference.



With profound regards and hoping for meaningful approach to the issue.



Yours Faithfully

D.Theagarajan)            (K.Ragavendran)

SG FNPO                               SG NFPE



Secretary General NFPE

Friday, February 22, 2008




A delegation comprising of Comrades K.Ragavendran [Secretary General NFPE], Giriraj Singh [General Secretary R3] and P.Rajanayagam [General Secretary Postal A/Cs] met the Secretary [P] today and discussed the issue of FTP LSG officials being posted compulsorily in delivery post offices – Orders of the Member [P]; JAO Promotion under merger of cadre etc.


Secretary [P] told us that he had already ordered change of the orders issued by the Member [P] in this matter. He agreed that wholesale disturbance of senior officials without completing their tenure is not advisable. He assured issue of early orders modifying the earlier orders. On the matter of JAO promotees getting regular promotion, he assured that the matter of cadre controlling would be settled between the DOP and DOT and the promotional avenue of JAO Promotees would be protected.

Secretary General NFPE

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Dear Comrades,
Under the banner of the Postal Joint Council of Action of NFPE and FNPO, the Postal, RMS and MMS Employees held a protest demonstration in front of Postal Directorate on 15.02.2008 and thereupon the Secretary Generals of NFPE and FNPO with all the General Secretaries of Affiliated Unions and Associaions met the DDG[P] on behalf of the Secretary [P] and submitted the Postal Sectional Charter of Demands and urged early action for settlement of more than 200 demands to prevent the intended indefinite strike.
The NFPE Headquarters is receiving news from various corners about the successful conduct of protest demonstrations before divisional offices and Circle / Regional Offices by our rank and file leadership and submission of the Charter of Demands.
NFPE calls upon all the leaders at the Circle / Regional / Divisional / Branch level to strengthen the Postal JCA at all levels and launch the campaign from 19th February to 15th March and send Postcards to Honourable Minister of Communications & IT and also to the Secretary [P] in addition to holding widespread demonstrations. Educate the postal workers about the more than 200 demands in the Charter and the need to be prepared for any major action if the demands are not settled within time.

Secretary General NFPE

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Dear Comrades, The All India Postal Joint Council of Action has met in the NFPE office on 1.2.2008 and chalked out a Programme of Action to realise the "Postal Sectional Charter of Demands". The Circular of JCA to all Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries of both NFPE and FNPO Unions and Associations; the letter to be submitted by the JCA to Secretary [P] on 15.02.2008 and also to all Chief PMG / PMG / SSPOs / SSRMs; the Charter of Demands with Annexures are all reproduced below. NFPE calls upon all our rank and file leaders to successfully launch all these programmes:

National Federation of Postal Employees

1ST Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi - 110001

Federation of National Postal Organisations

T-24, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi - 110001



No. Postal JCA/ 2008     Dated 3rd  February 2008




All Circle / Regional / Divisional / Branch Secretaries

NFPE and FNPO Unions / Associations.



Dear Comrades / Colleagues,






We met in the meeting of Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO with all our affiliated Unions / Associations in the NFPE office on 1.2.2008 to assess the actual state of implementation of 19th April 2007 agreement by the Department of Posts and the sufferings and suffocation of the postal employees. We assessed that the Department of Posts is not serious in implementing the April settlement but in practice violated many assurances contained therein.


We also took into account the different Action Programmes under launch by various Unions / Associations of both of our federations jointly to ventilate the serious grievances of respective category of employees.


We have thereupon come to the unanimous conclusion that without sustained movement and a serious industrial action, the employees may not be rendered justice by the Government / Department of Posts.


Taking into account of all aspects we have unanimously decided to continue with the agitational programmes of individual unions / associations as already declared.  We have also decided in addition to launch a common programme of action under the banner of All India Postal Joint Council of NFPE and FNPO federations in the following manner to seek the settlement of all our pending issues.





Submission of "Postal Sectional Charter of Demands" by Postal JCA to the Secretary [P] by holding mass demonstration in front of Postal Directorate and the same would be submitted to Chief PMG / PMG / SSPOs / SSRMs and other Administrative Heads at all level by holding demonstrations


19.02.2008 to 15.03.2008


Intensive Post Card Campaign to Hon'ble MOC&IT and Secretary [P]; Protest demonstrations all over the country. The text of the Post Card campaign is as follows:




1st Week May 2008


All India JCA will meet and announce the Indefinite Strike.


We request our Circle Secretaries to circulate this JCA Circular along with the Charter of Demands to all Divisional and Branch secretaries under their circles immediately to enable them to submit the same to the respective Head of Division. We also request our Circle Secretaries to hold demonstrations and submit the same to respective Regional / Circle Heads on 15.02.2008 and also take all efforts to the success of the second phase of the Post Card campaign etc and prepare all the employees for the eventual industrial action to win our justified demands.


Comrades and Colleagues! We wish to assure you that the Postal JCA has full confidence on the rank and file that they would play their due role in carrying out the above programme of action with all seriousness.


Comradely Yours


D.Theagarajan                                 K.Ragavendran

Secretary General                          Secretary General

        FNPO                                                    NFPE


Encl: Letter to be submitted to the Secretary [P] with full Charter of Demands in Dak Bhawan and at all places.




National Federation of Postal Employees

1ST Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi - 110001

Federation of National Postal Organisations

T-24, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi - 110001



No. Postal JCA/ 2008    Dated 15th February 2008




Shri. I.M.G.Khan

Secretary [P]

Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan

New Delhi - 110001


 Sub: Submission of Postal Sectional Charter of Demands –

           Agitational Programme of Action by Postal Employees thereof.



The Department of Posts has no sense of urgency or time at its disposal to recognize the importance and urgency of various pressing problems that are causing unbearable suffocation to postal employees. The commitments and assurances held out during the strike negotiations on 19th April 2007 remain violated or unsettled.


The Department is not showing any interest in recognizing the federations in spite of the fact that all the requirements under the Recognition Rules stand fulfilled. The negotiating forums at all levels are not yet available to the postal staff. Even the non-JCM periodical meeting has stopped causing total stagnation. It is regretted that the fact of non-availability of the forum of Joint Consultative Machinery to us is causing repeated recourse to the platform of Joint Council of Action is not at all evaluated by the Department of Posts.


The Government is more and more succumbing to the pressure of multinational and Indian Corporate Courier lobby and not shows the acumen and urgency to protect the letter mail monopoly as recommended by the Parliamentary Standing Committee headed by Shri. Somnath Chatterjee.


The GDS Unions are exempted from affiliation with the federations; many trade union rights are not made granted to them. Their status and pension are denied. Even maternity leave is a mirage. Sudden reduction of TRCA is taking place. The request transfer facility is arbitrarily cancelled. There is no urgency to implement the Judgment of Supreme Court on the matter of grant of gratuity under Gratuity Act. But they are threatened for squeezing out unattainable RPLI targets.


The Department has constituted a Departmental Committee instead of a Judicial Commission in an arbitrary manner. Instead of holding meaningful high-level discussion on the issue of outsourcing of postal functions, there are plans afoot for expanding the Franchisee System in a large way in the ensuing year. Even the exemption from the Screening Committee is not given sufficient importance resulting in misery that is causing social problems to our staff. The action being taken to fill up residual vacancies of PA/SA lacks speed. Forced OT duty and non-payment of OTA for several cycles has become the order of the day. The arduous duty like driving MMS vans and attending to the technical maintenance of them are being extracted without any consideration for human limit of tolerance, which is increasing the rate of accidents on the roads. In the name of commercialization the existence of even one RMS office in one revenue State / District is denied. In Post Offices irrespective of shortage no OT is ordered.


The senior officials are subjected to mental torture by denial of notional promotion to LSG and thereby permanent damage to their further promotional opportunities. Calculated attempts are being made to cause a serious divide between the seniors and FTP officials in a cunning manner. The fate of the constituted Committee to look into the issue of grant of three promotions in service on completion of 10,20 and 25 years is not known.


Postmen face serious problems in the shape of curtailment of deliveries, combination of beat, single beat etc. No serious effort is made to fix time factor for speed post deliver and other BD work performed by delivery staff. Group D vacancies are summarily abolished despite Court Judgment by treating the entire operative Group D vacancies as direct recruitment quota. The net result is the Group D has become the most exploited section of regular employees.


Erstwhile RTP candidates are shown a bad deal and their chances for getting full social security is denied; no attempt to end the discrimination between the APS RTPs and other RTPs is being made by the Department. The promotional avenues and opportunities for JAO qualified officials are not even acknowledged properly; Despite the DOPT consent the Department of Posts is dilly-dallying on the proposal of common cadre and merger with DOT. The life of those JAO qualified hands will be doomed despite passing a tuff examination.


The Department was totally dependent on PA/SA officials with in depth knowledge on computers for erecting a wide network of computerization. These officials who are known as system administrators have toiled without any work hours; without any rest; without any time of night or day. Not only there is no acknowledgement of their great services and grant of many essential incentives, but there is serious remarks about their integrity that wounds the sentiments of all such hard working personnel.


Absorption of RRR Candidates that was assured is forgotten and an SLP has been filed in a most inhuman way. Casual labours with Temporary Status is given a raw deal and despite the Judgment of Supreme Court no orders are released for counting of their earned increments, leave etc on regularization. The full-time casual labours are denied Temporary Status; Part-time casual labours and Contingent paid are not cared for and not considered for even GDS. Paid substitutes are needed for the department to do free karsewa in many offices, but the Judgment of High Court of Chennai to give them wages including HRA/CCA quantum under the Main Finance Orders is denied to hundreds of similarly placed persons. The Judgments supporting the standpoint of the department and supporting the staff interests are treated on the different footing.


Decentralization of PLI / RPLI is again arbitrarily introduced without any justification and against the interests of both administrative and operative staff. The diminishing promotional avenues of this section of staff are another serious cause of concern. The outsourcing of functions of PAOs is a calculated double-attack on the Postal Account staff because it is privatization on one hand and throwing the entire risk of privatization on the staff on the other.


In this background however there is no liberalized standard for awarding punishments for work lapses caused by intense workload. Victimization of trade union Office Bearers without following the fundamental rules is a new trend.


The Postal JCA of NFPE and FNPO with all their affiliated all India Unions and Associations after an in depth analysis of the situation prevailing has come to the unanimous conclusion that a comprehensive Postal Sectional Charter of Demands should be submitted by the JCA on 15th February 2008 to the Department of Posts with demonstrations at all level. A Campaign should follow at the base level upto middle of March 2008. A decision to go on an Indefinite Strike by the entirety of postal employees shall be announced after the meeting of JCA in the first week May 2008.


The Sectional Charter of Demands including the five Annexure documents containing wing wise problems and issues of various section of employees are enclosed with this letter for speedy consideration of the Postal Directorate. We regret to inform that the practice of agreeing to many issues and later rejecting them in the name of non-acceptance by other Ministries is most resented by our work force. Therefore the Staff Side requests that on all such issues that require consultations from concerned or nodal Ministries, earnest efforts may kindly be taken to exhaust the steps so that the concrete decision of the Government is made available instead of mere assurances from our own Authorities.


The Postal Joint Council of Action of NFPE and FNPO is still confident that earnest effort would be definitely made by the Postal Board to seriously address all the issues and problems that are acutely agitating the minds of the entirety of postal employees to restore peace and tranquility.


Thanking you,


Yours Faithfully


D.Theagarajan                        K.Ragavendran

Secretary General                 Secretary General

       FNPO                                           NFPE


Encl: Charter of Demands with Annextures.



Postal Charter of Demands


  1. Recognize Federations under CCS [RSA] Rules 1993 and restore all forums of negotiating machinery; Restore holding of Periodical Meetings with the Federations and All India Unions.


  1. Protect letter mail monopoly as recommended by the Parliamentary Standing Committee headed by Shri. Somnath Chatterjee


  1. Amend the GDS Conduct & Service Rules for payment of Gratuity under the Gratuity Rules, 1972 as per the Supreme Court Judgment; Grant Status, Pension, Maternity leave and other benefits on prorata basis; Count the service period of GDS for pension on their regularization; Liberalise recruitment rules for GDS to appear for the examination for PA/SA; No reduction of TRCA under any circumstances; No Cycle Beat Formula; Allow request transfer to GDS; Stop harassing with unreasonable RPLI targets; Introduce uniforms and kits to outdoor GDS; and Grant all Trade Union rights to GDS including right to affiliate with Federation by amending the Recognition Rules.


  1. Exempt Department of Posts from the purview of Screening Committee; Fill up all vacant posts immediately in all cadres in Postal, RMS, MMS, Administrative and Postal Accounts including GDS; Hold special examination under a liberalized syllabus to fill up all accumulated residual vacancies in PA/SA cadre in Postal / RMS / Admn wings; Expedite clearance of 2006/2007 ADR vacancies.


  1. Strengthen the delivery system by dropping the measures of curtailment of delivery; Stop combination of Postmen beats and withdraw DG Order No.10-7/2001-PEII dated 15.3.2004; Drop single beat system and single delivery etc.


  1. Increase the chances to 10 for appearing LGO examinations for Postmen, Mailguards and Group D staff.


  1. Terminate all licenses granted to Franchisee outlets; withdraw unilateral proposals before the Planning Commission for extending the franchisee scheme and stop any type of outsourcing of postal function; Stop outsourcing of functions of PAO.


  1. Restore sorting offices and ensure at least one RMS office in every revenue State and revenue District.


  1. Fill up all vacant posts of MMS Drivers and Technical Staff and ease the workload; Impart necessary computer training to handle new generation power vehicles.


  1. Grant Temporary Status to all eligible full time casual labours; absorb TS CLs and GDS in Group D vacancies under 25% - 75% formula without abolishing Group D vacancies as per the Ernakulam CAT Judgment; Regularize all part time casual labours and contingency paid and absorb them as GDS; Treat all the Temporary Service CLs as pre-2004 entrants and re-commence recovery of GPF; and Restore payment of wages including HRA/CCA quantum to substitutes as per Madras High Court Judgment.


  1. Grant three financial upgradations to all Group C and D officials on completion of 10, 20 and 25 years of service.


  1. Allot 19% of Group B vacancies for General line and permit all Group 'C' officials in Postal, RMS, Administrative and Postal Accounts with a minimum of 20 years service to appear for the competitive examinations by dispensing with the present reservation of posts to RMS & Admn staff.


  1. Grant notional promotion to eligible seniors by holding the DPC year by year basis from 1983 to Postal and RMS wings and from 1993 in Administrative wing within a time frame of one month; Restore periodicity of Junior Accountant Promotion to Senior Accountant as 3 years.


  1. Withdraw the SLP and absorb all RRR Candidates recruited under compassionate ground of recruitment.


  1. Regularize the services of RTP for promotion and pension by ending the discrimination between the APS RTPs and others.


  1. Create avenues of promotion to all JAO qualified officials and approve the proposal for common cadre with DOT.


  1. Remove the unilateral cap of 60 days in the PLB formula.


  1. Fix time factor for all work to which no norms available at present.


  1. Get funds from Ministry of Finance for one time clearance of all pending OT Bills, Medical Bills etc; Take measures to get the Arbitration Award on Postal OTA rates implemented by the Government; Revise the OTA rates @ double the normal wages in future; stop compulsory OT Duty.


  1. Remove all trade union victimization and vindictive punishments awarded for lapses committed due to unbearable workload.


  1. Settle all long pending and urgent Sectional issues listed in the enclosed Annexure I, II, III, IV and V for different sections of postal employees:




ANNEXURE – 1 : Postal Group 'C' Issues


  Filling up of LSG, HSG II & HSG I Posts


(i)                   Recast the notional promotions since 1982/1983 onwards and fill up all vacant posts of LSG\, HSG II & HSG I.


(ii)                 Fill up 2/3rd unfilled LSG vacancies notionally from 7.2.02 to 18.5.06.


(iii)                Relax minimum qualifying service for HSG II promotion.


(iv)               Irregular application of bench mark of current period for notional promotions.


(v)                 Date of LSG Promotion be calculated from the date of issue of orders and not form the date of joining.


(vi)               Grant of Modification of LSG as one time measure for those aggrieved due to dearth of LSG vacancies/ Rule 38 transfers.


(vii)              Drawal of pay to senior BCR officials in HSG I posts as the pay scales of HSG II & BCR is one and the same & settlement of earlier officiating cases of Tamilnadu, West Bengal & other Circles as one time measure.


(viii)            Anomaly in the preparation of PA Gradation list. Date of confirmation should not be taken now and Date of appointment be taken for construing seniority. Fixing seniority based on the date of confirmation is unconstitutional and discriminatory.


2         Withdraw the draconian orders contained in Directorate letter No. 22-5/95-PE I dt 21.5.07 denying BCR benefits to those declining LSG Promotion. Several officials were arbitrarily, unjustified denied the due BCR promotion.


3         Filling up the APM Accounts LSG, HSG II posts as per 1976 LSG Accountant recruitment Rules.


4         Filling up Residual vacancies since 1999-2000 onwards without any further delay; and return the deputationists to manage the acute shortage of staff in divisions.


5         Immediate withdrawal of orders discriminating regular and FTP LSG and posting them in Delivery offices in the middle of the tenure.


6         Withdraw the Directorate letter dt. 22.10.07 on Systems Administrators and form uniform & correct norms & guidelines first before passing sarcastic comments.


7         Withdraw the orders fixing responsibility on D.D.Os/APM Accounts for the over payment of Pay & Allowances to Postman on account of Fixation under R.P. Rules.


8         Counting of special Allowance for pay fixation case of PO&RMS Accountants.


9         Counting of Past services of erstwhile R.T.P for promotion & pension as per the Supreme Court direction.


10     Withdraw the condition in tenure posting of Single & Double handed offices & restriction in posting of SPM due to minor penalties/ CR entries which are in violation of provisions of statutory rules of volume IV.


11     Allowing all TBOP officials to appear for Group B exam to be held in Feb'08. as per original orders & various judicial pronouncements. The cut off date should be extended for the current exam as 01.01.2008. The exam should be conducted after completing the process of notional promotions to LSG in all circles.


12     Counting of Training period for increment and promotion to the departmental candidates also.


13     Revision of FSC to Post offices & Enhancement of honorarium for RD PMC work in Sub Offices, Department Exam invigilation work etc.


14     Implement the assurance made on 19.4.07 in fixing incentive to RPLI, IMT Pass port applications, NRGEIS, other business activities etc., Grant of OTA to operative staff to manage the shortage, Engagement of SDPA to manage the Shortage, Dispensation of Confirmation Exam etc.


15     Creation of Systems Manager/Administrators Posts & Marketing Executives. Grant of SPL pay and grant of Road mileage Allowance without restrictions. Trainers Allowance for imparting training Norms be fixed for Systems Administrators uniformly to all Circles; providing mobile phones, Fixing duties & responsibilities.


16     Allotment of adequate funds to clear all pending personal claims like OTA, TA medical etc. pending since 2002-03.


17     Spot payment of incentive to SPM/BPM for procuring RPLI business. Grant of incentive for schedule work in accounts branch.


18     Drawal of SB Allowances to all working in SB branches on computers.


19      Refund of Fee for appearing AMFI (Association of Mutual Fund industry) Exam to all candidates.


20. JAO Qualified be regularized in DOT by agreeing to the

              proposal for common cadre.





ANNEXURE – II: Postmen & Group D Issues:



  1. Stop combination of Postmen Beats and withdrawal of orders of guidelines for engaging paid substitutes against leave / absentees Group 'D'  and Postmen staff issued vide DG (Posts) No 10-7/2001 – PE II dated 15.3.2004.
  2. Stop curtailment of deliveries and introduction of single delivery system.


  1. Stop reducing the clearances of letter boxes.


  1. Newly accepted norms for sanctioning of Postmen staff need to be circulated immediately for taking confidence into union for finalization as suggested earlier by this union.


  1. Include the Workload of Speed Post mails / hybrid mails etc. as accountable articles for calculation of time factor and grant of postmen staff.


  1. Fill up of all vacant posts of postmen and Group 'D'. The large number of vacancies of postmen and Group 'D' are lying vacant for various administrative reasons at local level since long which is causing operational difficulties for efficient and smooth functioning of delivery system.  Immediate action be ensured to fill up all vacant posts of postmen and Group 'D'.


7.   Supply of Uniform & Other kit items and allied matters.


(a) Replace the present uniform with that of earlier Khakhi Uniform and assure supply of best quality and quantity of cloth.    


(b) The periodicity of summer uniform should be two sets in one year and periodicity of winter uniform should be one set in two years and it should be ensured that supply should be made timely and of best quality.


(c) Rate of Washing Allowance should be enhanced from Rs 30 to Rs 150/-


(d) Postmen and Group 'D' staff at Solan and Shimla should be included in that area for Supply of Far Ka Coat and it should be ensured that the supply should be made timely and best quality which is very indispensable  to cope up with the prevailing climate.


(e) Postmen and Group 'D' staff at Shimla should be treated at par with Kinnor and Lohspiti and Supply of Snow Boots and Goggles timely .to this area.


(f)Supply of Shoes and Chappals


(i) A very good quality of shoes and Chappals be supplied in time to avoid complaints from entirety of staff


(ii) The present rate of shoes repair charges are very less and this need to be enhanced to Rs 50/-


(iii)The periodicity of Shoes and Chappals should be reduced.


(g) Supply of Umbrella & Rain Coat


The good quality folding type umbrella be supplied to Postmen staff to avoid inconvenience while performing their duties during rainy season.


 Supply of Rain Coats: Ensure timely and durable quality of the rain coats.


(h) Supply of Postman Bag. Durable and timely supply of Postman Bag should be ensured being very indispensable for safety of mail.


8. The rate of OTA (FMC) for postmen staff should be revised as under:-

                                                                 Existing Rate      Rate to be revised

Full Beat                                          Rs 29.00              Rs  150/-

Beat divided                                    Rs 14.00               Rs   80/-

Holiday duty                                    Rs 43.00               Rs 200/-


  1. Restriction of 3 hours limit of OTA to Sorting Postmen & Group 'D' worked on

Holiday  duty  should be removed with  enhanced  Rate of  Rs 200/-.


10.       Cash handling allowance of postmen should   be enhanced from Rs 5/-, Rs 10/- to Rs 75/- and Rs 100/- respectively.


11.       Cash handling allowance of Cash Overseers: should be enhanced from Rs 30/- to Rs 100/- p.m


12.        Mail Ovrerseers:  should be treated as IPO/ASPs when they are on visit of BOs. They should be granted daily allowance as like other inspecting officers and should  be granted full daily allowance instead of night halt allowance.


13.             Justified incentive to Mail Overseers for RPLI Business


14.             Arbitrarily change of designation of test category Gr. 'D' posts.


The department arbitrarily changed the designation of test category Group 'D' vide its letter dated 27.10.2004 as peon and Mail Peon instead of packer. Peen is not acceptable as the said staffs are doing hard, skilled, arduous and hazardous of official duties. The orders dated 27.10.2004 be reversed and restore the original designation of packer to all test category of Group 'D' staff of department of posts.


15.       ACP promotion Scheme


ACP promotion scheme should also be implemented on wiremen and electrical staff in the department of posts



16.             Enhance the financial powers:


Enhance the financial powers of SPOs /SSPOs in sanctioning the NHA of Mail Overseers to Rs 1,000/- instead of Rs 500/-


17.       Cycle Allowance:


To increase the cycle maintenance allowance from Rs 30 to Rs 150/-


18.       Time factor for Stamp Vendor:


Modify the unscientific fixation of norms fixed for calculation of establishment of stamp vendors and time factor for sale of postal stationery.





 ANNEXURE – III: R3 & R4 Issues:



1.                  Implementation of the arbitration award on revision of OTA rates, which was last revised in 1990, removing the RS 6800 ceiling on eligibility to perform OTA, clearance of all pending OTA bills and stop compulsory order to perform OT duty.


2.                  Filling up of all vacant posts in group C & D in RMS  & MMS , hold special examination to fill up all residual vacancies immediately , sanction Driver Posts for operating long distance Schedules.


3.                  Fill up all promotional vacancies of LSG/HSG II/HSG-I strictly on seniority basis by granting notional promotion from 1983 onwards year by year.


4.                  Discontinue to bag account numbering in mail system.


5.                  Provide separate Mail Vans in Sections and adequate accommodations wherever mail vans are not provided.


6.                  Compilation of fresh statistics cs with II class and Business mails for those offices having less than that 10,000 mail consequent on increasing mail traffic at present, retain one mail office in a revenue state/district and no mail office to be merged with post office.


7.                  Norms for CRC's EPP, Logistic and SPCC's to be on scientific basis, withdraw CRC norms fixed arbitrarily as 900.


8.                  Provide adequate motor vehicles for conveyance of mails /logistics etc. Replace all condemned vehicles, impart sufficient computer training to the technical staff to deal with modern power vehicles, insure MMS vehicles. Recruitment Rules for the Assistant Managers of MMS should be issued soon.


9.                  Count RTP service for all-purpose including pension.


10.              Withdraw the SLP and absorb all RRR candidates.


11.              In view of concentrating business mail including logistics in RMS all MMS units under SSPOs /SPOs be transferred to RMS divisions.


12.              Payments of OSA and other benefits on par with RMS staff to MMS drivers working in long distance schedules and allow to engage casual drivers temporarily to work till regular arrangement is made.


13.              Grant of four more chances in appearing in the LGO Examination in the revised syllabus for Mailguards and Gr. 'D' Officials.


14.              Dispense with the reservation of vacancies of PSS Group 'B' and permit to write the examination by increasing the General Line Quota to 19%.


15.              Fill all Group 'D' posts   from GDS / Temporary Status Employees @ 25% & 75% without any abolition under screening committee.


16.              Drop the move to change the nomenclature of "RMS" as Mail Business Arm.



17.              Removal of existing discrimination in recruitment of GDS official to the posts of Postmen / Mailguards.


  18        Withdraw the order fixing responsibility on DDOs for the over payment of

              Pay & Allowances   to Mailguard on account of Fixation under RP Rules.


19.              Creation of System Managers/Administratrators Posts & Marketing Executive. Grant of Special Pay and grant of Road Mileage Allowance without restrictions. Trainers Allowance for imparting Norms be fixed for Systems Administrators uniformly to all Circles; providing mobile phones, Fixing duties & responsibilities.


20.              Counting of Training period for increment and promotion to the departmental candidates also.






ANNEXURE – IV: Administrative Staff Issues


1.     Withdraw the order of Decentralization of PLI/RPLI and augment staff strength in CO/RO and DPLI, Kolkata to handle increased volume of work.


2.     Increase the Number of HSG-I, HSG-II and LSG posts in Circle and Regional Offices to boost the promotional avenue.


3.     Hold the LGO examination for Administrative Group D also under the liberalized syllabus to fill up all residual vacancies in CO/RO and DPLI Kolkata.


4.     Allow the left out Categories of Circle Office viz Lift Operator etc to appear for LGO exam.


5.     Withdraw the deputationists brought in Circle Office against unfilled vacancies and fill up all vacant posts on regular measure.


6.     Renovate the Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneshwar.


7.     Implement the Order of TBOP/BCR of 1998 to the eligible C.O. Staff of Karnataka and Orissa Circle.


8.     Grant Special Pay for System Administrators in CO/RO including DPLI Kolkata.


9.     Introduce the system of competitive examination for PSS Group 'B' along with postal employees instead of existing reservation system by increasing the percentage of Group B for General Line.






ANNEXURE – V: Postal Accounts Staff Issues:



1.                 Review result of JAO Part II examination in respect of SC & ST candidates held in July 1997 and other Department Examinations of SC/ST candidates held during 23rd July 1997 to 2 October 2000 by restoring the privilege of awarding in grace marking during that period.


2.                 Grant benefits of first & second financial upgradation under ACP Scheme to all D/E passed Jr. Accountant (promotees) on completion of 12/24 years of service as in the case of direct recruited Jr. Accountant.


3.                 Withdraw Charge sheets and suspension in connection with CC Works.


4.                 Fill up all vacancies including backlog vacancies in all Cadres and provide due share to PAO in ADR Plan 2005 & 2006.


5.                 Provide departmental buildings to all PAOs.


6.                 Cause full-flagged functioning of newly formed PAOs.


7.                 Start induction training to JAs/SAs/AAOs.


8.                 Cause regularization of RR in the cadres of Sorter LDC & Jr. Accts. And allow the promote Sorters (Senior Group 'D') to negotiate DE to JA Cadre on par with promote LDCs (Junior Gr. 'D') in the ensuing exam.


9.                 Ensure speedy caste verification of SC/ST at Govt. level and promote officials from due date.


10.      Count RTP service for the purpose of pension and ACP.


11.      Allow PAO Officials to negotiate PSS Group 'B' examination as in

                     the case of JAO of PAO allowed to all officials of DOP.


12.       Restore Member (Finance) Post in Postal Service Board in the

           Department of Posts,


13.       No out sourcing of Cash Certificate work in PAO and fixing of

           Supervisory responsibility on the staff of PAO.



            14.       Group D Cadre:


Rectify the anomaly due to promotion of Gr. 'D' to LDC cadre in PAO viz Senior Group D promotees in Sorter Cadre remaining as Sorters and Junior Gr.'D' becoming LDCs.


Grant special pay/allowance to D/E passed Group 'D' /Sorter awaiting promotion as in the case of other cadres; also grant ACP in the scale of Sorters for those Group 'D' officials passed DE before 2000.


Fix pay of T/S group 'D' on regularization by taking all annual increments already eamed; count T/S service for pension and ACP purpose as in Indian Railway.


15. Sorter Cadre:


Merger Sorter cadre into LDC cadre as recommended by GOM and also

           Postal Board.


16. LDC Cadre:


Upgrade 61% posts of LDC cadre to Jr. Accountant Cadre as per recommendations of Restructuring and Dutta Committee.


17. Canteen Employees:


Fill up all vacant posts in all trhe cadres of Departmental Canteens with special reference of D/E passed canteen employees of PAO , Kolkata.


18. JA Cadre:


Restore residency period to 3 years in the case of Jr. Accountant to Sr. Accountant promotion.


19. JAO Cadre:


Hold JAO part II exam followed by Part I; restore its qualifying nature.


Grant special allowance Rs.140.00 from the date of passing the examination of JAO Part II similar to other organized Accounts Wing and IA & AD.


Sanction justified posts of JAO in PLI/RPLI & BD without diverting the popsts of existing JAOs.


20. Stenographers:

Restore parity of pay Scales of Stenographers of PAR with Jr./Sr.



21. Data Entry Operator:

Regularize Data Entry Operator Cadre in Chennai PAO and upgrade them to the Cadre of Jr. Accountant as recommended by Re-structuring Committee constituted during 1998.


                                        ---------------     -------------       --------------






















Secretary General NFPE