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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Latest official News from 7th Pay Commission


            The following is the message which is published in official website of 7th pay commission….

Further to the memoranda received from a variety of Organisations, Federations, Groups representing civil employees in the Government of India as also from the Defence Services, the Commission has had fruitful and wide ranging discussions on relevant issues with all stakeholders. Such interactions have now been concluded. Valuable inputs have been received and the work of compilation and finalization of the report is underway, so that the Commission completes its task in the time frame given to it. Accordingly, any future requests for meeting with the Commission will not be entertained.

Grant of age concession to the Persons with Disabilities suffering from (a) blindness or low vision, (b) hearing impairment and (c) locomotor disability or cerebral palsy for direct recruitment to civil posts/services under the Central Government. (Click the link below for details)

Monday, June 29, 2015



          Process of fresh verification of membership is going on. Our entire rank and file is making all efforts to enroll maximum membership in favour of all NFPE unions. This is high time when we have to prove that the NFPE is only the vanguard and first and natural choice of entire Postal Employees.

         Some disruptive forces who do not like the unity of workers have started playing their dirty game by introducing new unions in P-III and P-IV with the word “United”. So we have to make aware the members about it. Our rival unions are also making all efforts to delay the process of verification. One union  which is affiliated with  the ruling class  is also putting  so many hurdles in the verification  process as they  know that they  cannot reach to the goal and want to enjoy the facilities  granted by Govt. in the  name of  limited  trade union facilities.

         Make the members understand that this is the NFPE who has been continuously and consistently fighting for the cause of entire postal employees since its formation from 1905 in the form of Postal Club and thereafter as NFPTE/NFPE from 1954. Many historic and glorious strikes have been conducted under the banner of NFPE and have achieved so many demands. Recently recruitment in all cadres, stoppage of closure of 9797 Post Office and closure and merger of RMS Offices and  halt on Corporatization and privatization as recommended by Task Force Committee, in Postal Services  are our  great achievements, But still we have to travel a long  journey and being  in the main stream of working class  we have to fight  against the economic policies of Govt. of India which  are totally against  the interests  of working class and common man.

           We have to start our serious preparations to make 2nd September-2015 –Nation Wide General Strike on the call of Central Trade Unions, a historic success. This is a big fight of working class to resist the policies of Central Government which are Pro-capitalist and anti working class. Within the period of one year of Modi Government so many retrograde policies have been implemented. The existing labour laws i.e. Industrial Dispute Act, Contract Labour (Regulation and wages) act, Factories Act, Apparentice Act have been amended in favour of industrialists. The Government is moving ahead very fast to privatize most of the government service like Railways, Defence, Telecom, Postal, Banking, Insurance etc. by introducing FDI. Disinvestment has been started in Profit making Public Sector undertakings. Ban on recruitment in Central Government Services has further aggravated the problem of unemployment as lakhs and lakhs educated youth is wondering hither and thither for the search of job. Outsourcing, contractrization, hire and fire policies are paving way for exploitation and corruption.  So being a responsible organization we have to fight against all these retrograde policies of Government of India.

        For fighting we have to make ourselves strong and we can become stronger only by enrolling maximum membership in favour of all NFPE unions and if NFPE becomes  stronger it will be more advantageous  to Postal Employees in particular and entire  Central Government Employees and working class in general.

        So please enroll maximum membership and make the NFPE strongest.

4, State Entry Road New Delhi–110055
No.NJCA/2015                                                                                     Dated: June 15, 2015

All the Members of the NJCA,

Dear Comrades,

 Sub: National JCA Meeting held on 8th June

             The National JCA, which met at the Staff Side Office on 8th June, 2015, took note of the fact that quite a few states are yet to hold the State Level Conventions. The meeting also noted that the strike decision taken on 28th April, 2015 has not been percolated down to the rank and file of the workers. The meeting wanted the affiliate to realize that the denial of the demand for wage revision to be effective from 01.01.2014 and the consequent denial of interim relief and the benefit of merger of DA with Pay must be viewed very seriously as the said decision will have far reaching consequence. The Government would discard the age old practice of grant of I.R. and merger of DA forever. It has decided to appeal to all the affiliates to chalk out independent programmes of actions in the months to come and to carry out the same in all seriousness so that the employees become fully aware of the possible outcome of the 7th CPC. The Chairman and Convenor of the National JCA will get in touch with those States, where the convention has not been held so far. The meeting decided to convey to members that the minimum wage computation, in the given situation would be on an imaginary basis. The National JCA was of the opinion that a meeting of all office bearers of the participating organizations must be convened at Delhi somewhere in the month of July to chalk out programmes of action to be pursued by the CGEs together.
 It was informed at the meeting that both Defence and Railways would be taking their strike ballot and would be concluded in the first week of October. The meeting, therefore, decided to advise the other units to chalk out progammes of action in July so that an ambience of struggle could be created. The NJCA also took note of the painful fact that despite assurances, Government was not convening the National Council and Departmental Councils and the JCM has been allowed to become defunct.
The National JCA in conclusion decided to appeal to all affiliates to take concrete steps to invigorate the joint movement of the Central Government employees and meet the challenge that is likely to arise on receipt of the recommendations of the 7th CPC by creating an atmosphere of Unity, and determination to carry out the call of indefinite strike action scheduled to commence on 23rd November, 2015.. With greetings,

New empanelment w.e.f. 24.06.2015 under CGHS Delhi/NCR CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

RBI may give payment bank licence to postal department in August: Ravi Shankar Prasad CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS/ET NEWS

Revision of rate and Guideline for Reimbursement of Expenses on Purchase of hearing AIDS under CS (MA) Rules, 1944 and CGHSCLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Stoppage of Fixed Medical Allowance to Central Government Employees under CS(MA) Rules who are working in remote areas CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Why India Post could become e-commerce’s most potent delivery partner CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Friday, June 26, 2015



Thursday, June 25, 2015


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Department approved new office bearers of All India Postal Employees Union Group 'C' elected in the 30th AIC held from 04.06.2015 to 08.06.2015 at Lucknow (U.P)

Rural Post Offices to provide online services: Ravi Shankar Prasad-MoC - NEWS
          KOLKATA: Union Minister for Information and Technology and Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad said rural post offices across the country will also function as common service centres (CSCs) providing e-services.

            He said this while asserting that the Postal Department had a crucial role to play in bringing in digital revolution in the country.

            "Our vision of digital India is to ensure that from a mason to barber to a tyre puncture repairer, all can access newer avenues of growth using communications equipment like a smart phone," said Prasad while inaugurating the revamped building of Bhowanipore post office here.

            "We are also committed to developing e-commerce, e-education and e-health. This is the larger vision of digital India. And in this digital India initiative, Rural Post Offices have a very crucial role to play.

            "We have decided that all the 1.30 lakh rural post offices should also become common service centres (CSCs) to further provide services," the Minister added.

            Implemented under the National e-Governance Plan and formulated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, the CSCs are ICT-enabled front end service delivery points at the village-level for delivery of government, financial, social and private sector services in the areas of agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG products, banking, insurance, pension, utility payments etc.

            Prasad said he expected the Reserve Bank of India to grant payment license to the proposed Post Bank of India by July.

            "We expect to get the RBI nod by July. With 1,54,000 post offices the new initiative will usher in a financial revolution across the country," he said.

            Hailing the services by the Postal Department, Prasad said it has done a business of Rs.500 crore in the year in e-commerce besides opening over 52 lakh Accounts under the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna receiving over Rs.1,000 in deposits.

            "Whatever, be the decline in services, people still respect the Indian Railways and the Postal Services. I urge you all to build upon that respect and contribute towards the growth of the country," said Prasad, urging the employees to contribute towards the Government's initiative to modernise the Postal Department.

            Prasad also said state-run BSNL was also on the road to recovery.

            "Now BSNL is running into losses in excess of Rs 8,000 crore. But in 2004, it earned a profit of Rs 10,000 crore. So we decided to revive it ... BSNL already has added 47 lakh new customers and its revenue has risen by 2%," he said.

            The minister also said there would be 100 crore mobile connections in the country in next few years.

            "In a country with a population of 125 crore, we now nearly 101 crore phone connections of which 98 crore are mobile phones. In the coming few years, we will have over 100 crore mobile phone connectivity across the country," Prasad said.

"Studies show that a country with more broadband connections has greater impact on the GDP growth.

            "So we are bringing national optical fibre network connecting over 2.5 lakh gram panchayats across the country, we are bringing in broadband revolution," he added

//copy//Source : The Times of India
Clarification on Inter-pool exchange between General Pool Residential Accommodation and Departmental Pool

Revised Special Licence Fees for various types of General Pool Govt. Accommodations CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


       The Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare (GOI) invites Central Govt. Pensioners to attend one day Interactive Awareness Programme on Pensioners’ Portal and SANKALP in KENGURUSE HALL, 19 ASSAM RIFLE, NEAR DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OFFICE, KOHIMA (Nagaland) on 26.06.2015 from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm. Please bring a copy of PPO while attending the Programme. For any clarification contact 011-24644847 or emailprem.kr@nic.in
PFRDA has issued a communication regarding Simplification of Withdrawal Process and the documents required for processing the claim.


PFRDA/2015/07/EXIT/02                                                                       12th May, 2015

            All Govt depts./PAO’s/PrAO’s/DDO’s/DTO’s & CRA

Dear Sir/ Madam,

SUB: Simplification of Withdrawal process – Documentary requirements Circular dt. 25th February, 2015.

            Reference is drawn to the circular issued on 25th  February, 2015 on the matter of simplification of withdrawal process and the documentary requirements there under
            There have been queries from some of the stakeholders as to whether these simplified documentary requirements as specified  in the  circular are applicable to withdrawal requests reported to CRA and NPS Trust, prior to the issuance of the circular or not.

            In this regard, it is clarified that the circular would be applicable even to the withdrawal requests which were reported prior to the issuance of the said circular to CRA and NPS Trust.

            All other terms, conditions of the said circular remain unaltered.
Yours faithfully,
Sd/- Venkateswarlu Peri
General Manager


            Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions issued an OM regarding Observance of punctuality in Government Offices.

No. 11013/9/2014-Estt.A-III
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Establishment A-III Desk
North Block, New Delhi -110001

                                                                                             Dated June 22nd, 2015

Subject: Observance of punctuality in Government Offices.

            Instructions have been issued from time to time with regard to the need to observe punctuality by Government servants. Responsibility for ensuring punctuality in respect of their employees rests within Ministries/ Departments/ Offices.

2.         The decision to introduce AADHAR enabled Bio-metric Attendance System (AEBAS) in Central Government offices, including attached/ sub-ordinate offices, to replace the manual system of marking of attendance to ensure punctuality is to be implemented in all Ministries/ Departments. This Department vide ‘O.M. of even no. dated 21.11.2014 and 28.01.2015, while recognizing that the Biometric Attendance System is only an enabling platform had, inter-aha, stated that there was no change in the instructions relating to office hours, late attendance etc.

3.         In this connection attention is invited to Rule 3(1)(ii) of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 which stipulates that every Government servant shall at all times maintain devotion to duty. Habitual late attendance is viewed as conduct unbecoming of a Government servant and disciplinary action may be taken against such a Government servant. It is also added that punctuality in attendance is to be observed by Government servants at all levels.

4.         It is also requested that the necessary directions may be issued to all employees to mark their attendance in BAS portal on regular basis. 
(Mukesh Chaturvedi)
Director (Establishment)

Monday, June 22, 2015



Saturday, June 20, 2015


            Kerala co-c convenor com.P.V.Rajendran and PT/CL circle secretary com.N.Sreekandan observed indefinite hunger strike for 3 days from 16th June 2015 infront of CPMG office against the adamant attitude of circle administration in implementing the Directorate order for wage revision of PTCL employees with effect from 01.01.2006. Circle office issued another order superseding the Dte. order saying that revision of wage is applicable to those who are engaged before 1993. and also directed  the divisional heads to recover the amount already paid. C.O.C Kerala decided to resist the anti worker attitude of the circle administration against the low paid and  poor PT/CL employees and started indefinite hunger strike. Mass support and solidarity action from entire employees and other trade unions compel the administration for discussion and settle the issues amicably. On 18th evening CPMG invited c/s for discussion and issued orders for payment of revised wages to all PT/CL employees.  .After receiving the orders c o-c decided to withdraw the hunger fast. Com. K.Varadarajan Manager" Deshabhimani" daily and trade union leaders inaugurated the hunger fast. On 18th evening com.P.H.M.Ismail General secretary of state Govt employees (FSETO) concluded the fast by giving lemon juice to the fasting comrades. C O-C kerala red salute all organisations and other comrades who support the historic hunger strike for the poor low paid PT/CL employees. Rajendran.P.V. convenor co-c Kerala  

Friday, June 19, 2015


Limited Departmental Competitive Examination of Lower Grade Officials for promotion to the cadre of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants 2014 held on 23.11.2014- Result thereof

      Information regarding PA/SA Direct recruitment -2014 which was ordered to be kept in abeyance by the Department.

      Now as per information taken from Member (Personal) Postal Services Board, Dak Bhawan, New Delhi, the matter is under process in Directorate and will be settled within a week.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

No. PF- 01(e) /2015                                                                  Dated: 12th June, 2015

            All General /Circle/Divisional & Branch Secretaries
            of all NFPE Affiliated  Unions.

Dear Comrades,

            The fresh verification of membership has been started. This time a period of less than 30 days  has been given by the Department to submit letter of authorization to the Divisional Heads and that  is to be submitted  up to 06th July-2015. NFPE and CHQs have wasted no time to publish it in all web sites and in circulating. We are confident that our Divisional & Branch Secretaries would have a lead start in collecting the forms signed by the members. Take up the challenge and complete the process up to 30th June-2015 by utilizing the remaining time in a most productive manner. Conducting intensive and extensive membership campaign will enhance our chances of increasing the percentage of membership. Strictly avoid denial of membership to any one as per the decision of Federal Secretariat as it would be viewed seriously by the respective CHQ.

            NFPE was bifurcated from the NFPTE and it has got richest heritage of Trade Union Movement. We inherit the glory and tradition of Babu Tarapada  Mukherjee, the Father of P&T  trade union movement who thundered that “Workers are not baggers”. We inherit the militancy of UPTW that shook the morale of  foreign rulers and autocratic administration.

This is the NFPE/NFPTE who conducted so many glorious struggles and strikes. Indefinite  strike of 1960, One day strike  of 19th September, 1968, other  historic Indefinite  strikes of 1993, 1997, 1998 and 2000. About 15 One Day strikes from 1992 to 2014 and achieved so many demands. No organization can stake such type of claim. NFPE is the only organization which is consistently fighting against the Neo Liberal Economic Policies of Government of India. It is because of NFPE that we could stop the closure of 9797 Post Offices and RMS Offices. Now the danger in form of Recommendations of Task Force Committee headed by Shri TSR Subrianmaian is before us who has recommended division of Postal Department in 6 Companies. Out of which only one Company of Mail & Delivery will be Govt. Company and others will work as Corporations. Besides so many issues are pending before Government to settle. If we have to achieve all the pending demands and have to resist the attacks and dangers, we have to strengthen NFPE by increasing the membership. Tell the employees that NFPE is only non-affiliated Federation. All other Federations are affiliated to Political Trade Union Centres. The situation  cannot be changed without the NFPE emerging  not only as the first  union in all  cadres  and categories but  also emerging  as the strongest organization of  each and  every  cadre in the ongoing  fresh verification.

NFPE and CHQs call upon the rank and file to:

1,         Give declarations in support of NFPE unions. Form signed by Director SR & &Legal should be used. The form can be downloaded from websites.

2.         Submit declarations to the Divisional Heads on 06.07.2015. The form will be signed  at 2 places . The name of union should also be correctly written,

3.         Submit list in triplicate to Divisional head duly signed by the authorized office bearer of union on each page of list.

4.         Vigilantly watch the scrutiny by the Divisional heads to protect our membership and do not hesitate to oppose in writing including the special officer appointed by the Chief PMG if any  bias or favoritism is exhibited by the Divisional Heads.  

5.         Tell every employee for not signing for more than one union as it would make him non-member.

6.         Encourage members to write a complaint if his signature was either forged or forcibly taken by other union before 06.07.2015.

7.         Inform CHQs and NFPE , immediately on exhibition of Notice Board by the Divisional Heads during 07.07.2015  to 08.07.2015 , about the exact  number of membership of each and every organization participating in the verification . This is must.

8.         Recovery of subscription will be started from the month of July -2015 by the DDOs.

            With fraternal Greetings.
Yours Comradely,
(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General
                                                        VERIFICATION FORM FOR 2015

“Feedback/suggestions/objections, if any to the registration of NGOs under Sankalp” An initiative of Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare for engaging Central Govt. Pensioners in meaningful social work being undertaken by the NGOs.  (Click the link below for details)

Examination for promotion of LGOs to the cadre of PAs/SAs held on 23-11-2014 - Kerala Circle.
(Click the link below for details)

Photos of Central Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU Postmen and MTS held at Narayan Sewa Sanstan Udaipur (Rajasthan) on 14th June 2015 to 15th June 2015