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Thursday, April 24, 2008


1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi 110001

PF- 14 /2008 Dated 17th April 2008


The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Views of NFPE on certain recommendations of 6th CPC and request for modification / improvements sought thereon – reg.


As a follow up to the informal discussions the Staff Side had with the DDG [Estt] on 4.4.2008, we place the following views of our Federation with a request for modification or improvement on certain recommendations of the Pay Commission with regard to Department of Posts.

Upgradation of Group ‘D’: All the non-matriculate Group ‘D’ officials including non-test category officials should be imparted with the proposed retraining and placed without any restriction in upgraded PB-1 w.e.f. 1.1.2006. We also request the department of posts to consider upgradation to the pre-revised 3050-4590 scale since 2750-4400 is not in existence in our department.

Ensuring promotional avenues of GDS and Casual labourers: We request that the present system of promotional avenues available to Gramin Dak Sevaks to Group D and C posts shall continue in the present format of seniority as well as examinations and all vacant posts of Group ‘D’ also to be upgraded and allotted for GDS on seniority basis, who should also be imparted with the same retraining like Group ‘D’ and placed in PB-1.

TBOP / LSG, BCR / HSG-II: The recommendation placing TBOP PAs/SAs as well as the LSG Supervisors in the same pay band of PB-1 along with the upgraded Group D has caused a lot of resentment. This will de-motivate the entire PA/SA and TBOP/LSG work force. The Department may consider the fact that the TBOP / BCR introduced for both Postal and Telecom under the same orders but subsequently after the recommendations of V CPC implemented, the Telecom Department [before conversion as BSNL itself] got these two scales upgraded into 5000-8000 for TBOP and 5500-9000 for BCR. Thus there exists discrimination between the two wings of the same Ministry of Communications. If the Department of Posts could consider this and TBOP and BCR are upgraded in the Department of Posts also to the same level, then by virtue of that the TBOP / LSG Supervisors also would be placed in the pay band of PB-2. This may be considered.

Supervisory Allowance: The stand of the Department is that LSG and HSG are norm based supervisor posts and TBOP / BCR are non-functional posts. The recommendations of the pay commission have not made any distinction between the supervisors and the supervised. It is a fact that supervisors are holding higher responsibilities and therefore it is suggested that element of supervisory allowance may be reintroduced. The matching savings element is now no more valid since the TBOP and BCR are no more considered as promotions but only financial upgradations. Re-introduction of graded supervisory allowance for LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I to match the supervisory responsibilities are therefore most justified to motivate the officials who shoulder extra responsibilities and needs to be considered by the Department afresh in the background of distinction now being made as supervisors and non-functional officials. The Pay Commission has failed to consider this aspect altogether. The same may be considered now and 10% Pay + Grade Pay may be fixed as Supervisory Allowance as in the case of the recommendation to the Caretakers vide Para 3.8.8 of 6th CPC Report.

Supervisory Allowance to Selection Grade Postmen: The Selection Grade Postmen like Sorting Postmen, Head Postmen, Mail Overseer, Cash Overseer and allied cadres like Head Mail Guard / Head Mail Peon etc are ignored by the Pay Commission. We request the Department to consider reintroduction of Supervisory Allowance at the rate of 10% of Pay + Grade Pay as recommended to the Caretakers by the Pay Commission.

System Administrators: The technical knowledge acquired by the System Administrators and the role being played by them in computerizing the offices all over the country as well as ensuring the smooth running of the net work is unfortunately overlooked by the Pay commission. In no other department such a massive computerization could have taken place without employing outside knowledge. It is known that these category of staff work beyond 8 Hours daily as well as called to assist by field offices at odd hours also. We request the department may consider grant of 10% of Pay + Grade Pay as recommended in the case of caretakers vide Para 3.8.8 of CPC Report to distinguish them from the other operative staff as an interim measure. We also request to consider the issue of formation of a separate technology wing like civil wing and make the System Administrators a separate establishment.

Marketing Executives: The Pay Commission has not considered the issue of marketing executive also. These are the staff that actually performs by procuring mails for the department with their higher skill and knowledge. In order to compete the couriers it is essential that such category of staff are properly recognised with financial package. The Department may consider grant of 10% of Pay + Grade Pay as recommended in the case of caretakers vide Para 3.8.8 of CPC Report to distinguish them from the other operative staff as an interim measure pending consideration for a separate establishment.

PO & RMS Accountants: Unfortunately the 6th CPC has not considered granting higher scale favourably. It has recommended only doubling of Special Allowance for this category. This will take away the charm in aspiring Accountants who had to undergo a tuff examination. This issue is pending from the time of V CPC itself. We request the Department to reconsider and grant higher scale to Accountants. We request the Department to consider that at least this Special Allowance may be taken for pay fixation benefit similar to that of the JAO qualified hands in Postal Accountants granted vide DG Posts Order No.8 (1) 2004/PA-Admn/501 dated 29.10.2006.

Cash Handling Allowance to PO Treasurers: The Pay Commission has unfortunately not considered the case of Treasurers properly. In most cases the PO Treasurers are handling more cash than the RMS Cashiers. The Department may consider the parity between the PO Treasurer and RMS Cashier in the matter of Allowance by changing the nomenclature of Treasurer into Cashier since the nature of job is identical. This will end the age-old disparity between the two.

Charge Hand in MMS: The bringing together of both Charge Hand and the Artisan Grade I in the same pay band PB-1 by the Pay Commission is causing much resentment. Earlier the Charge Hand was in higher scale than Artisan Grade I. The recommendation of the Commission has upset this relativity. We request that the Department may consider upgrading Charge Hand to PB-2 scale of pay.

Despatch Rider: The 6th CPC has unfortunately ignored this cadre altogether. Recruitment Rules and minimum qualification for Despatch Rider is the same like Drivers. We request the Department may consider merging this cadre with the Driver.

Sorters: Sorters who are an isolated cadre remained on par with Postmen by IV CPC recommendation. That parity got disturbed after V CPC and further disturbed now. We request at least the Sorter cadre be merged with the LDC and upgraded to pre-revised 3050-4590 scale.

Development Officers: The PLI Development Officers are to be considered by the Department for upgradation of scale.

The above suggestions are not exhaustive. We are holding our Federal Executive on 28th and 29th April 2008 and any further views will be submitted to your consideration in the first week of May 2008.

The Staff Side was assured that there would be more interactions with us and that before the Department sends its final report to the Ministry of Finance, the Staff Side would be fully consulted. We thank the Department for this stand and we look forward to sorting out the anomalies and other problems by the Department.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Secretary General

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


NFPE & ALL CHQs Joint Circular
Dear Comrades! The latest Circular issued by the NFPE and all its Affiliates dated 6.4.2008 [actually updated and despatched on 11.04.2008] is reproduced below.
PF-01(e)/3/2008  Dated 6.4.2008





All General / Circle Secretaries

NFPE Unions.


Dear Comrades,


This is to keep all comrades updated with the latest developments taken place on the Pay Commission front and organisational matters. Our Circle Secretaries are once again requested to circulate the same to all divisional / branch secretaries of their respective circles.

Pay Commission related issues


1.   The Confederation leaders were in contact with the leaders of JCM National Council Organisations and discussions were being held to evolve a consensus on issues to be taken up with the Government for modification by the Staff Side as such. There were informal meetings of Confederation leaders to decide which are all the common issues to be taken up with the Government through Staff Side JCM, in which the Secretary General NFPE and General Secretaries P3, P4, R3, Admn and Postal Accounts also participated. It was decided to request the Staff Side leadership to take up with the Government for bilateral negotiations to modify many adverse recommendations. The final note submitted to the government by the Staff Side Secretary of JCM National Council is enclosed.


2.  The Government has constituted an Empowered Committee consisting of Secretaries of various departments to study the recommendations.       


3. The Secretary [P] has constituted a Committee for pay commission related issues of postal. On invitation from DDG [Estt], the Staff side attended an informal meeting on 4.4.2008. Various issues were discussed. The Federations have to submit a Note and there will be more interactions. A final Report would be sent to the Finance Ministry after consultations with the staff side. Further on the suggestion of Member [P], the Secretary General and the General Secretaries of P3 and GDS met Shri. Balasubramanian the Director of Postal Services and Special Officer on deputation to study the recommendations of Pay Commission and discussed the issues of TBOP/LSG; System Administrators/Marketing Executives; PO & RMS Accountants; Charge Hand in MMS; Supervisory Allowance; and Promotional avenues of GDS for effecting appropriate modifications in the recommendations of pay commission.


Comrades are requested to analyse the following suggestions and give their feed back to the NFPE and their respective CHQs:


1.   NFPE submitted memorandum to Pay Commission demanding upgradation of pay scale of Group 'D' along with enhancing qualification to Matric. This has been accepted and entire Group 'D' is upgraded to Group 'C'.  Now the Pay Commission has clarified that the upgraded pay will be given to all non-matriculate Group D also with effect from 1.1.2006 including arrears on completion of training within 6 months.  The minimum wages suggested by the pay commission is being however disputed by the Staff Side JCM National Council and that therefore the minimum wages may become a matter for bilateral negotiations with the Government. However abolition of Group D posts would cause serious repercussions in the Department of Posts as the work would be outsourced and no recruitment would take place that would adversely affect the GDS.


  1. There is the question of promotional avenue to GDS against these upgraded posts.  The Department has to continue the present promotional avenue of GDS on seniority basis to become the Group C in the upgraded Scale of PB-1 in addition to their promotion as Postman / Mailguard as at present.


  1. The Pay Commission has not conceded the upgradation of pay scale of TBOP / LSG. This is unjustified. In Telecom the TBOP pay scale was upgraded to 5000-8000 w.e.f. 1.1.1996. Therefore the parity that had existed long ago had been disturbed very badly. We should therefore to demand the upgradation of pay scale of TBOP /LSG and BCR / HSG-II to pre-revised 5000-8000 and 5500-9000 so that the TBOP / LSG also goes to PB-2. More over we can site the difference with ACP under which the option to avail next upgradation with FR 22(c) benefits or FR 23 is available and in case of their due promotions they are granted the pay scale next above the ACP. This is not available to us under TBOP / BCR Scheme and therefore the scales should be at least in the pre-revised 5000-8000 and 5500-9000.


4.   The Pay commission has not given any recognition to the supervisory staff. We have to demand supervisory allowance for norm-based supervisors to distinguish them from non-functional staff?


      5.   In the absence of any recommendation for System Administrators / Marketing Executives, we suggest for three advance increments or 10% of Pay as an interim measure and formation of a separate establishment for these categories. We also want to demand formation of a separate technology wing as like civil wing. Please suggest.


      6.   The higher pay to PO & RMS Accountants has been denied. What can be our demand at present?


7.  The Charge hand is placed in the same scale along with Artisan Grade I. We may demand elevation to PB-2 for Charge hand at the level of 5000-8000 or 5500-9000.


      8.    Any other suggestions on any other issue - please communicate.




The NFPE Federal Executive will be held in New Delhi on 28th and 29th April 2008. There shall be a joint session of national executives of all affiliates of Confederation on 28th April 2008. These meetings are very important, as by that time the efforts to unify the entirety of CG Employees on the issues to be taken up for negotiation and future course of action would have reached more clarity. As far as the postal issues related to pay commission are concerned, we will discuss in our Federal Executive and the CWC meetings of some NFPE affiliates.




NFPE Secretary General and all General Secretaries of affiliated unions including the General Secretary, CHQ President and Office Bearers of GDS CHQ tendered oral evidence before the GDS Committee headed by Shri. Nataraja Murti. All issues contained in our memorandum were placed before the Committee for its consideration. The following issues were prominently placed for the consideration of the GDS Committee:


a.      The Departmentalisation of GDS and the method for Departmentalisation;

b.      Nomenclature as Gramin Dak Karmachari or Rural Postal Employees;

c.      Replacement of TRCA by elongated running scale with protection of seniority;

d.      Ensuring two career progression in GDS Service;

e.      Counting of 50% GDS service as qualifying service on regularization;

f.        Protection of promotion to Group D on seniority basis even if the Group D posts are upgraded to Group C as per VI CPC recommendations;

g.      Grant of Social Security including Pension,

h.      Gratuity as per Gratuity Act 1972;

i.         Enhancement of Group Insurance quantum to 1,50,000/-;

j.         Introduction of a system for Medical treatment;

k.       Changing the entire GDS Conduct and Recruitment Rules to end the discrimination in conduct and disciplinary matters between the GDS and the regular employees in line with the Supreme Court Judgment as well as making these rules statutory one;

l.         Facility for transfer to a vacant post;

m.    Free Insurance covering accident, natural calamity etc;

n.      Rationalization of leave with the facility to carry forward unutilized leave; Grant of 180 Days of Maternity leave for women GDS and special disability leave;

o.      Protection of wages by application of foot beat formula;

p.      Grant of Advances like Fan, Festival, Moped, HBA etc; Facilitating formation of cooperative societies for GDS;

q.      GDS Mailmen in RMS larger platformed railway stations to be regularised as Group D;

r.        Supply of uniforms to RMS GDS and outdoor GDS;

s.      Work standards for GDS in RMS or straightaway departmentalizing RMS GDS as Group D since they work for 5 hours and more;

t.        Ending the discrimination between the RMS and Postal GDS to ensure RMS GDS also can become Mailguard through seniority basis in ½ vacancies like Postal GDS becoming Postman – etc.




There shall be an all out effort to increase our membership in all unions / associations. We are confident that Circle Unions leaders would be taking all necessary steps in this matter. NFPE requests our entire Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries to take special efforts to enroll membership of SBCO and Civil Wing as these are the two newly formed associations that require our help and assistance.  All regular employees unions should render full help for GDS union also. Do not forget that the letter of authorization form is different for GDS.  It is time to forget internal differences if any and work shoulder to shoulder with all NFPE unions and associations.


Postal Crusader Special Issue


As already focused in the NFPE Circular dated 29.03.2008 a special issue of Postal Crusader will be released. However due to less time at our disposal instead of May the special issue will be brought out for the month of June 2008 in memory of 5th Anniversary of the demise of our great leader and former Secretary General Comrade Adinarayana. Tariff for securing advertisement would be dispatched to all Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries shortly. 'One Branch One Advertisement' at least will make the Federation very strong financially. Circle Secretaries and our leaders running the societies can play a major role to ensure advertisements from all our cooperative societies and banks.




NFPE delegation met the Secretary [P] on 1st April and thanked him for recognizing the Federation and requested him for early opening of all negotiating forums of JCM as well as the Periodical Meetings. He assured early action. As soon as the JCM Departmental Council is reconstituted, the Federation will nominate new members to R-JCM in all Circles with the incumbent Circle Secretaries.


Comradely yours



Secretary General



General Secretary – P III


Ishwar Singh Dabas

General Secretary – P IV


Giriraj  Singh                                                            

General Secretary – R III



 General Secretary – R IV



General Secretary –Admn



General Secretary Postal A/Cs

Secretary General NFPE

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Dear Comrade,
Sent herewith is the letter we have written to the Staff Side Secretary for inclusion of certain vital points in his note to the Cabinet Secretary, which is coming up for discussion at the Staff Side meeting slated for 25th inst.  You may kindly go through the same and if any more points are to be included kindly get in touch with through e mail so that your suggestion can be considered.  Your reply should reach us before 20th inst. with greetings, yours fraternally, KKN

The Secretary,

Staff Side, JCM, National Council,

13-C Ferozeshah Road,

New Delhi-110001.


Dear Comrades,


            Kindly refer to the formulations made to the Govt. on the 6th CPC recommendations, which might be subjected to discussion at the staff side meeting scheduled to be held on 25th instant. We request you to consider the inclusion of the  following issues to be raised with the Govt.


1.                  Minimum Wage:  We should insist that the minimum wage cannot be less than at least Rs.7400/- i.e., 156.2% of Rs.4743.  The resultant MF must be applied to construct the Pay scales.  In other words, the minimum of the Pay Band + Grade Pay cannot be less than 2.9 times of the pre-revised Basic Pay.  This if accepted will restore the  existing parity between the minimum and maximum pay at 1:12.16 with reference to the salary of the Cabinet Secretary and 1:10.8 with reference to the salary of Secretaries[1:11.8 and 1:10.2 respectively of the 5th CPC Scales]

2.                  We cannot agree to any proposal for Corporatisation, downsizing and outsourcing.  We should therefore demand that the Govt. should not accept the 6th CPC suggestion for Corporatisation of Railways and Defence production units.  For the same reasons, we should demand that no Gr.D functions should either be outsourced, contractorised or to be carried out through employment of casual labourers.

3.                  The demand for the continuation of CGHS and other medical reimbursement facilities must be categorically made.  Any new system of health care should be only optional.

4.                  We should ask the Govt. to let us know as to how the reduction of commutation value of Pension has been arrived at.  The calculation of the acturial valuation to be contested by presenting alternate valuation prepared by an expert. The revised valuation table of commuted value should come into effect only after reaching an agreement in this regard. The revival of commuted portion after 12 years has to be insisted, as the Govt. gets back it with interest, after 11 years.

5.                  The replacement of the existing system of Bonus and overtime allowance by incentive scheme is to be opposed.  The adhoc Bonus can only be replaced by PLB and not by PLI.  The Govt. should not accept the 6th CPC suggestion to replace the adhoc bonus with PLI.

6.                  Our per se opposition to PRP concept, as it will be conceived and used as an instrument for indulging in nepotism and favoritism, should be indicated to the Govt.

7.                  The arrears should be paid in one lump sum payment.


With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

Secretary General NFPE

Friday, April 11, 2008



The NFPE and the P3, R3 and Administrative Unions of NFPE will demand a separate establishment for the System Administrators and for the formation of a Postal Technology Wing as like Postal Civil Wing. And to attempt to secure some interim benefit in order to ensure that the job of System Administrators is of an higher order than that of the Data Entry Operators, we may demand 10% of additional pay or three advance increments for the System Adminstrators. A comprehensive Note would be submitted to the Director General, Department of Posts justifying the formation of a Technology Wing and separte establishment, after the Federal Executive Meeting of NFPE and CWC Meeting of P3 Union. These demands will be effectively taken up with the highest level of the Postal Department by the National Federation of Postal Employees. NFPE invites opinion from among the system adminstrators by participating in the opinion polls in the web site of NFPE on the left side of the screen.
Secretary General NFPE

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Dear Comrades! Please find hereunder the proposals of the Staff Side JCM National Council for modifying the recommendations of the Pay Commission as circulated in the Circular of the Confederation of CG Employees today:
Secretary General






Dated:9th April, 2008.


Dear Comrade,


            We place hereunder the formulations made on behalf of the Staff Side, National Council JCM for effecting changes/amendment to the various recommendations made by the 6th CPC.  Copy of the letter, the Staff Side Secretary has sent to the Cabinet Secretary, is also appended hereunder.  This need not be taken exhaustive.  The meeting of the Staff Side, Standing Committee is slated to be held on 25th April, 2008. The issue will come up for discussion in that meeting.  Since the National Executive of he Confederation is scheduled to meet only on 27th it is necessary that we get your views and suggestion in the matter to be placed in the Standing Committee meting immediately and in any case before 20th April, 2008.  Kindly use the Confederation e mail id i.e. confederation06@yahoo.co.in for this purpose. Whatever changes are required to be proposed shall be finalized by the CHQ Sectt. Of the Confederation on the basis of this feed back.  We also request the affiliates to finalise the department specific issues and anomalies to place it before the proposes anomaly committee for a quick and time bound decision..


With greetings,

Yours fraternally,

KKN Kutty

Secretary General



Copy of Staff Side Secretary letter dated 8th April, 2008 in NC/JCM-2008/VI CPC (CS) addressed to the Cabinet Secretary.


Dear Sir,


As you are aware that the report of the VI CPC has been submitted and there are varied types of commentaries including expression of anger amongst the Central Govt. employees in various parts of the country.


We, Staff sie members of the National Council JCM have discussed and prepared a Note which we are enclosing herewith.


We will like to request you to kindly advise Secretary (DOPT) who is also the Chairman of the Standing Committee (NC-JCM) to call the meeting of the Standing Committee to discuss al these matters in presence of Secretary (Expenditure) and orders concerned.


I have met the Secretary (Expenditure) who has kindly clarified certain issues. This has gone a long way in proper understanding of the issues involved.


An early action would help clear the atmosphere.

Thanking you,

Copy to Secretary, DOPT. And To Secretary (Expenditure)



The modification required to be made to the report of the 6th CPC


1.       A.The minimum wage

The computation of minimum wage of the 6th CPC is not acceptable for the following reasons in brief.


i.                    Prices applied for various commodities (included in the basket) is the wholesale price as increased by 20% which is not the norms prescribed by the 15 IL

ii.                   The exclusion of 25% for meeting expenditure connected with social obligation like marriage, education of children, recreational needs etc. is on the untenable grounds.

iii.                 The exclusion of 10% for the housing requirement (on the ground that HRA is given separately) is not correct as HRA is not a full reimbursement of the expenses incurred by the employee.

If these corrections are carried out the need based minimum wage will be what is computed by the staff side.


B. Even as per the formulation adopted by the 5th CPC the minimum wage works out to Rs.7400 i.e. by application of the percentage increase of the net national product which comes to 56.2%


C. The Commission, without assigning any reason has rejected the demand of the staff side for parity in the minimum wage with what is obtaining in certain specified public sector undertakings.


D. For the above reasons, the minimum wage need to be worked out afresh and the same reflected in all the pay bands appropriately by applying the resultant multiplification factor as was done by the 5th CPC.


2.                  Fitment formula

Rejection of point to point fixation, (which is normally adopted by the PSUs in their wage revisions as fitment formula) is for no sound reasons. There is no 40% hike as propagated by the Commission..  By withdrawing the benefit of merger of DA the actual rise is between 15 to 28% . Our demand in this connection is as under:-


(a)    The merged portion of the DA should be taken into account to arrive at the revised basic pay and Grade Pay in each case.

(b)    Since quite a number of pay scales have been merged together (especially in Gr.B & C cadres)the senior employees who were in higher scales of pay and who have put in large number of years of service progressively get reduced benefits.

(c)    Taking these two factors into account we suggest that the fitment formula as suggested by the Commission may be amended to incorporate the following:


" subject to the condition that the pay and grade pay so fixed is not less than 2.625 times of the pre revised basic pay."


`                                   The multiplication factor of 2.625 is the same as is applied in the case of the entry grade pay band and grade pay in the case of Gr.A officers. This clause will make good the loss of benefit one might suffer due to the exclusion of the DP from the computation process of fitment formula. 

               3.            Rate of increment.


                  (a)              The rate of increment suggested by the CPC is to be raised to 3.5% for the following reasons:


(i)         The 2.5% is below the existing rate of increment in many grades.

(ii)        Due to the compounding factor, over a period of ten years, this might rise to 4.5% still less than the prevailing rate of increment in the PSUs which is 5% and above.


(b)                            The condition prescribed i.e. to have a minimum six months for applying the uniform date of increment must be done away with, as it is only to be applied in the initial year. 


4.         Transport allowance.

The recommendation of the Commission is to subsume the CCA in the Transport allowance and raise the existing Transport allowance by 4 times.  This has  reduced the proportionate benefit to certain grades and categories of employees.  We make the following suggestions:

(a) Since the CCA has been subsumed in this allowance, no condition should be imposed for the grant of this allowance.

(b) Taking into account that some of the employees might get reduced benefit from the across the board rise at the rate of 4 times, the following rates may be applied.


Employees drawing grade pay

A-1/A class cities


Rs.5400 and above.

Rs. 3200 + DA

Rs. 2400 + DA

Rs. 4200 – 4800

Rs. 2400 + DA

Rs. 1800 + DA

Rs. Below Rs. 4200

Rs.1600 + DA          

Rs. 1200 + DA








5. Fixation of pay on Promotion


In the present scheme of things, wherein many grades have been merged under one single Pay band, promotion will not bring about any significant rise in emoluments.  The benefit will be very insignificant in the case of promotion from one grade to another where the grade pay is one and the same.   In that case the one increment benefit will be less than even what is obtaining today.  We suggest to incorporate the following clause to take care of this situation.


"the pay plus grade pay so fixed on promotion shall not be less than 10% of pay plus grade pay the individual was drawing in the feeder cadre."


6.            Allowances and benefits withdrawn.


Certain allowances and benefits have been withdrawn to be replaced with a new scheme. The New scheme will have to be formulated on the basis of discussion/agreement in the National/Departmental Council as the case may.  Till such agreement is reached, the old scheme of allowances and benefits will continue to be operated relating to the revised basic pay and grade pay.


7.                  Special duty allowance of North Eastern Region.

We hope that the SDA will now become available for all employees working in the North Eastern Region.  However, we feel that  it is likely that the phraseology  employed in detailing the scheme is capable of misinterpretation giving room for further discrimination amongst the employees posted in N.E. Region.  This may therefore, be appropriately clarified to mean that the employees and officers working in  North Eastern Region is entitled to draw this allowance .


8.      Daily allowance on tour:


            The rates of daily allowance which include the following elements, viz. food, conveyance and accommodation suggested by the Commission to the officers other than Gr. A is extremely meager and would not go to meet the expenditure involved.  We suggest the following amendment .

            The rates prescribed for grade pay of Rs. 4200 to 4800 and below Rs. 4200 may be replaced with the following.


Rs. 4200 to 4800

Reimbursement of hotel accommodation of upto

Rs. 1000 per day . reimbursement of travel charges

upto Rs. 150 per diem for travel within the city and

reimbursement of food  not exceeding Rs. 200 per day.

Below Rs. 4200

Reimbursement of hotel accommodation of upto

Rs. 700 per day . reimbursement of travel charges upto

Rs. 150 per diem for travel within the city and

reimbursement of food  not exceeding Rs. 200 per day.












9.      Promotion. ACP Scheme.

            The scheme should be improved to provide three promotion at the intervals of ten, twenty and twenty five years of service.


10.      Inappropriate rationalization

            There is a great deal of resentment over the rationalization of the scales of pay of S9 to S12. The grievances in this must be addressed by appropriate decisions.


11.                  Pension.


The Staff Side appreciates the acceptance of some of its suggestions for improving the pension of the old pensioners by the Commission. However, we feel the following amendment is needed in the case of pensioners.


(a)                      to raise the minimum pension from the suggested 50% to 75% i.e. from Rs. 3330 to Rs. 4995.

(b)                      The 5th CPC suggestion to refix the pension on the basis of the notional pay as on 1.1.1996 is to be implemented. The pension entitlement has to be worked out on that basis.  The new commutation table to be applied only prospectively.

                             (C) The restoration of commuted value of pension should be on completion of 12 years




12.               Fast track committee.


There are cases like the Master Craftsmen, where the existing pay scales have been reduced to a lower scale.  To consider these types of cases, a fast track committee may be set up.


13.               Anomalies.


There are certain anomalies arising from the disturbance of vertical and horizontal relativities etc.  For quick and time bound disposal of these anomalies a Joint Committee of the National Council JCM with the participation of the Secretaries of all concerned Ministries should be constituted.


14.               Grameen Dak Sewaks.


Grameen Dak Sewaks are employed by the Postal Department.  They constitute the largest segment of the workforce of the Postal organization. We suggest that the pay, allowance, pension and other benefits in their case should be proportionately what is suggested to the regular civilian employees.  Since the Group D Cadres have been abolished, they may be promoted/absorbed/regularized in Group C cadres in the same manner provided for matriculate/non matriculate regular Group D employees


Secretary General NFPE