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Friday, December 27, 2013

Revised Delivery Norms for Speed Post

D.G. Posts No. 13-45/2008-D dated 10/11/.12.2013
The norms for delivery of Speed Post articles have in the past been revised from time to time and are also contained in the Citizen’s Charter of the Department. The existing delivery norms for Speed Post are follows:

(a)   Local (within municipal limits) : 2 days
(b) Between one to another metro city (included the six metro cities i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad) and limited to Municipal limits of these cities: 2 days
(c)    Rest of the country: 4 to 6 days.

2.       The norms mentioned above are further qualified by stating that they exclude the day of posting, Sundays and Holidays that they denote maximum time and apply only to the articles booked before the cut-off time.

3.       The matter relating to revision of the existing norms for delivery of Speed Post articles was under consideration of this Directorate, and the following has been decided in this regard:

(a)      New delivery (transit) norms have been worked out on a city-to-city      basis for 87 cities where Speed Post Sorting Hubs are located (excluding 1           CBPO & 2 CBPO). The new delivery norms are being circulated to all concerned by e-mail along with this O.M. The same may be downloaded.
(b)      The new norms for a pair of cities have been prescribed in terms of a range. For example,
 the delivery norms between Mumbai and Pune is “1 to 2 days, i.e. D+1 to D+2 where “D”  is the day of booking.
(c)      The new norms would be restricted to the municipal limits of a city       (covering only TD PIN codes) under reference.

4.       The new delivery norms for Speed Post would be subject to the conditions that:

*         They are limited to 87 cities, and municipal limit within these cities,
*         They do not apply to the articles booked after the cut-off time on a day(normally) taken as 3 or 4 pm for booking counters at post offices or as decided by the Circle concerned) and an extra day may be added in       such cases,
*         The delivery norms do not include Sundays and holidays,
*         Delay occurring due to curfew, bandh or strike in a particular city mayadversely affect delivery norms,
*         Delay occurring due to cancellation of flights/trains/buses/other means of transport for carriage of mail  or off-load / non-carriage of mail by the   carriers due to any reason is beyond the control of the Department, and therefore, the same may adversely affect delivery norms.
*         Beyond the cities mentioned under the delivery norms document, extra days may be required which would vary from place to place..

5.       Circles may give wide publicity to the new norms among the public and display the norms in the shape of a matrix of prominent/frequently-used destinations at the post office as display of entire matrix perhaps may not be possible.

6.       The new delivery norms would also be placed on India Post website in a user-friendly format so that a user could easily find delivery/transit norms between a pair of cities. In the interim, a PDF version of the document is being uploaded on the Departmental website.

7.       This O.M. supercedes all previous instructions on Speed Post Delivery Norms issued by this Directorate/Business Development Directorate.

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