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Monday, November 11, 2013


Ref: PF/GENL/2013                                                                                               Dated – 11.11.2013


Ms. P. Gopinath
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi - 110001


Sub: - Non filling of notified vacancies in Direct recruitment of PAs/SAs/PA (SBCO) categories – Declaration of results – reg.

We are rather dismayed to convey our sentiments regarding unfilling of PAs/SAs/PASB (CO) to the extent of notified vacancies due to paucity of available applicants securing the minimum qualifying marks.

The recruitment process prolonged for more than a year by the private agency (CMC Ltd) and the main reason for is said to be the quantum of applications came in lakhs. As per the provisions of the present recruitment rules, the vacancies thrown to GDS under direct recruitment as residuary vacancies are also to be filled through this process of examination. After declaring the result in many circles, it has become clear that so many vacancies are still remaining unfilled due to dearth of qualified candidates securing prescribed minimum marks of the relevant categories.

It may not be disputed that most of the applicants are over qualified and even they are unable to get the pass standard for a clerical post is not a sign of fair pattern of setting of questions. If in one circle, out of one lakh highly qualified applicants, even about 200 candidates are not qualified that it is not the fault of the candidates but faulty procedure and unrealistic framing of question etc is the reasons of such mass-scale failure.

The following are our suggestions to recover from such situation of non availability of suitable hands for clerical posts among the mass of educated youths applied.

1.      The recruitment agency shall suitably be insisted to maintain the necessary level of setting of question papers to ensure filling up of all vacancies. We are not pleading for lower standard, but the reality is to be taken in to account that even after a lengthy process, sufficient number of eligible recruits are in need despite big crowd were in fray.
2.      As the private recruitment agency is not succeeded to secure the sufficient number required, by the department it is requested to reconsider the continuance of such private agencies in our recruitment process. As the contract period of CMC Ltd is nearing completion we may not renew it based on our experience not only in framing question, but also in giving wrong answer keys in the examination it conducted.
3.      Notwithstanding some draw backs it seems that the earlier system of recruitment process by Circle/divisional heads is even better atleast to fill up all the vacant posts.

4.      The residuary vacancies notified for GDS is not filled to the extent of even one percent due to dearth of qualified GDS shows the necessity of relaxing the standards of age and percentage of marks in the qualifying and the competitive examination is to be considered. It is noteworthy to mention here that an SC in open market with 45% of marks in 12th class is eligible to apply, but for an SC in GDS category requires 50%. The marks relaxation to OBC, SC & ST categories in GDS is not provided in the recruitment rules and it is needed to be rectified.
5.      In the recruitment process, all the vacancies are arranged to be filled up and carrying over to next year will be deemed injustice to the applicants. Further failing to fill up the vacancies will result in overloading of work to the existing staff. Hence, the process of recruitment may be revamped to make sure the filling up of all vacancies in existence at the time of declaration of results.
6.      As the unfilled vacancies for the year 2011 and 2012 is in higher side, it is requested to notify supplementary recruitment immediately exclusively to fill up the existing vacancies.

To sustain the above said points the position prevailing in Tamilnadu circle is given in the table below.

Announced DR vacancies for the year 2011, 2112     -           621
Results Declared                                                         -           477      unfilled vacancies       -           144

Anticipated DR vacancies for the year 2013
(yet to be announced)                                     -           350      unfilled vacancies       -           350

Announced Residual vacancies for 2010, 2011          -           240
Results declared                                                         -           4          unfilled vacancies       -           236

No. of posts kept vacant in PA cadre due to
Local arrangements in Supervisory posts
(unfilled LSG/HSG II/HSG I Posts)                               -           382      unfilled vacancies       -           382

Announced LGO vacancies for 2013                           -           338      unfilled vacancies       -           338

LR P.As to be maintained exclusive of the 10%
of the sanctioned strength (approximately)               -           900      unfilled vacancies       -           900

The same alarming position is existing in many more circles and a decision to set right the issues in the recruitment process is the requirement of this hour.

Awaiting early response,

Yours faithfully,

(M. Krishnan)

Secretary General

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