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Thursday, July 4, 2013


         For the past 5 years to manage the sorting asst vacant places in mail offices nearly 130 to 140 outsiders having +2 qualifications and above are working in all units of RMS CB Dn for sorting unregd articles and sometimes in regd branches also. They are working on hourly rate fixed by Dist collectors. This is a meagre amount  [Rs.36/-per hour].  Ignoring the prevailing ground realities, Western regional administration all of a sudden abruptly terminated the services of outsiders on 26.6.13 which resulted in accumulation of mails in heaps in front of mail offices. JCA immediately convened and decided to conduct TU programme by arranging gate meetings, demonstrations insisting the administration to withdraw the order and restore normalcy. The programme which JCA conducted were published in daily newspapers. In this background Circle Secretary Com. K. Sankaran R3, J.Ramamoorthi Circle Secretary P3 met PMG MM at Chennai on 28.6.13 and appraised the situation and requested to restore statusquo so as to facilitate to clear the pending mails.

      On the part of outsiders they were well determined and very strong .In this background administration withdraw the termination order and permitted all outsiders for sorting and they were also now performing duties as earlier

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