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Friday, March 5, 2010




Dated: 4.01.2010

Dear Comrades,


As intimated to you earlier (through sms) the meeting with the Health Secretary was to be held on 3rd March, 2010.  Since the Health Secretary was engaged otherwise, the meeting was chaired by the Joint Secretary in charge of the affairs of the CGHS.  The following staff side members attended the meeting.


                        1. Com. U.M. Purohit:             Secretary Staff Side,

                        2. Com. S.K. Vyas                  Member, Staff Side.

                        3. Com. Shivgopal Misra.       Member, Staff Side.

                        4. Com. K.K.N. Kutty              Member, Staff Side,

                        5. Com. Guman Singh            Member, Staff Side.

                        6. Com. M.S. Raja                  Member, Staff side.


At the outset the Staff Side pointed out the inordinate delay in holding the meeting. The last meeting was held on 4.08.2008.  The Action taken statement( which was incomplete) on the minutes of the said meeting was only circulated at the meeting on 3rd March, 2010.  The official side agreed to circulate a comprehensive action taken statement within a few days.  It was also assured that the next meeting would be held within the next three months.  The Official side also circulated a copy of the document containing the salient features of Central Government Employees and pensioners Health Insurance Scheme.


It was decided that Action taken statement would be discussed on the basis of the minutes of the last meeting.  Accordingly the following points were discussed.


1.       Computerization of the functions of CGHS dispensaries and related problems.. The official side stated that the functions of all dispensaries in Delhi have been computerized.  The problems faced by the beneficiaries have been sorted out.  In other cities, the work has been undertaken and is at various stages.  There would be some problem in the initial stages.  This would be resolved as has been done in the case of Delhi Dispensaries.
2.       Plastic Cards.  In the case of 60% beneficiaries the cards have been issued in Delhi.  The other 40% constitute the non receipt of application or mismatch with the names and photos.  The official side agreed to place in the notice board of each dispensaries, the names of those whose cards are prepared but not collected.  It was also informed by the official side, that after a certain period, the CGHS would lock the operation of the cards and the beneficiaries would have to approach the CGHS authorities for getting the cards and activate the same.  The Plastic cards would enable the beneficiaries to go to any dispensary and get the OPD treatment.
3.       Claims adalat. The system of holding claims adalat has been commenced in Delhi. This would be extended to other CGHS cities after the trial run in Delhi. The Staff Side pointed out the inordinate delay in processing the claim in the Health Ministry where their approval is required under the rules.  They also brought to the notice of the official side of the sad death of a beneficiary who did not get the advance sanctioned for getting admitted in the Hospital. They gave copies of the various representations received from different cities where the decision from the Health Ministry was pending for quite some time.  The official side stated that in all such matters, the discretion of the Health Ministry has been taken out and a technical committee has been constituted to consider those claims and give a final decision within a month's time. 
4.       Meeting of the Local Advisory Committee in each dispensary.  This is being held in each month.  The Staff Side suggested that a meeting with the concerned Additional Director CGHS once in six months should be arranged so that the problems not settled in the local dispensary meeting could be addressed.
5.       Recognition of Hospitals.  The official side stated that the proposal to prescribe the floor minimum for in patient treatment for various diseases on the basis of the cost factor has not been found favour with the Govt.  It has been decided that the rates and recognition of hospitals would be decided on the basis of the receipt of tenders.  The tender for 2009 has already been floated.  There would be two different types of recognized hospitals. Viz. Super-specialty hospitals and hospital for general diseases. The list of recognized hospitals in various cities and the rate structure would be furnished to each member of the Staff Side National Council. 
6.       The suggestion of the Staff Side to engage Specialist Doctors  on contract basis till such time regular appointments are made have been accepted and acted upon.  The orders are stated to be under issue of posting the specialist doctors. Their placement list would be supplied to the Staff Side.
7.       The official side stated that wherever the dispensaries are computerized, instructions have been issued to the Doctors in charge to telephonically get in touch with the beneficiaries above the age of 80 years once in a month.
8.       Opening Ayush Dispensaries.  The official side stated that the department is exploring the possibilities.
9.       Local purchase of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines. List of approved firms have been circulated to all CGHS dispensaries.
10.   Credit facilities to Pensioners in private recognized hospitals. In the case of Hyderabad, the problem has arisen due to the court order in favour of the recognized hospitals. The Court is expected to give a final decision before summer vacation as directed by the Supreme Court.  So this problem would be resolved soon.
11.   Extension of CGHS facilities to P & T pensioners.  It was informed by the Official Side that the Committee of Secretaries have agreed to take P & T Dispensaries in CGHS Cities only.  The benefit of CGHS would be extended to those employees working in the CGHS cities.  Unlike in the case of other CG employees, the P & T pensioners would be getting the CGHS benefit only if they retire from the CGHS citifies, since the matter is sub-judice.
12.   Revision of fixed medical allowance.  The proposal to revise the fixed medical allowance to Rs. 500 plus DA thereon is pending before the Department of Expenditure
13.   Revision of dependency criterion at Rs.1500 p.m. to be effective from 1.1.1996. The matter has been referred to the Committee of Secretaries and the same is pending before them.  The Official side agreed to expedite the matter.
14.   The official side agreed to put on their website  the copy of the order as and when the patient care allowance is decided to be extended beyond 31.3.2010.
15.   The official side wanted some more time to finalize the demand to extend the CGHS facilities to the Divisional Accountants.
16.    Dispensary in Wadi area Nagpur. It was decided that the Deputy Secretary would be deputed to visit the area and staff side has agreed to provide the contact number of the local representatives to assist him.
17.   Inclusion of  residents of Suburban area of Mumbai City. The official side stated that the dispensaries of Matunga would be merged with Mahim dispensary and Goregaon dispensary has been closed and Charkop has been merged with Kandivli.  The staff side demanded that the doctors and staff that had become available due to the merger and closure dispensaries must be utilized for opening dispensary to cater to the requirements of beneficiaries residing in Thane and other suburban area. This was agreed to.
18.   Health screening of CGHS beneficiaries.  Staff Side pointed out that the orders issued in 2007 has not yet been implemented in respect of beneficiaries belonging to Group B C & D employees.  The official side informed that as an experimental measure routine health check up of CGHS beneficiaries about 40 years of age has been started in south zone of CGHS  Delhi with effect from 24.2.2010.
19.   Placing chronic renal failure in the disability list. Not agreed to. 

20.  The exorbitant increase in the rate of subscription of CGHS amounting to almost 300% was raised by the Staff Side.  The official side pointed out that on all previous occasions, the rate had been increased by 300%. And any discussion in the matter should be held in the National Council.



To our SMS some State Committees and others have responded.  Whatever communications we have received in this regard have been gone through.  The issues raised are being compiled.  It has been decided to send these issues for the consideration of the Committee in the next meeting. Similarly the Staff Side has also handed over a list of items taken up by the Confederation through correspondence. These items would be discussed in the next meeting.

With greetings,

Yours fraternally,


K.K.N. Kutty

Secretary General

Secretary General NFPE

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