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Tuesday, June 28, 2016



            From 2016 July 11th, the functioning of the entire Central Government departments, including Railways, Defence, Postal and all other Departments, will come to a grinding halt as the historic indefinite strike of Central Government employees begins at 6 AM on 11th July 2016. About 33 lakhs Central Government employees shall join the strike and about 40 lakhs Central Government Pensioners will stand behind them with solidarity and Support. The Central Trade Unions had already extended their full support. The State Government employees for whom the Central pay scales are implemented have also made it clear that they will be forced to join the strike, if Government refuses to settle the legitimate demands raised by National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) of Central Government Employees.

            NJCA comprising Railways, Defence, Confederation and Postal Federations, which is spear heading the struggle had already served strike notice on June 9th and country wide intensive preparations and campaign are going on in full swing. The 11 point charter of demands submitted to Government has listed the most important issues that are agitating the minds of the Central Government Employees. The 7th CPC recommendations are totally negative and retrograde. The minimum wage and fitment formula is kept at depressed stage by manipulating various factors of Aykroid formula. There are every indications to believe that the Government has intervened in the 7th CPC to make the recommendations in such a manner suit it to the “concerns expressed by the Finance Ministry”.Other recommendations like reduction in HRA rates, abolition of 52 allowances, discontinuance of all non-interest bearing advances, tightening the norms for grant of MACP, restriction imposed on salary for grant of child care leave, rejection of the demands of the pensioners including enhancement of fixed medical allowance are also totally negative and retrograde. Regarding the one and only favourable recommendation to grant parity in pension to pre-2006 pensioners, the Government has already expressed its unwillingness to accept the same for some flimsy reason like non-availability of records.

            The 7thC{C report was submitted on 19th November 2016. Already six months are over, since its submission to Government. The Government constituted an Empowered Committee of Secretaries under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary to study the recommendations of the 7th CPC and to submit final proposal to Cabinet for approval. The NJCA representing the JCM (National Council) Staff side expected that the Empowered Committee will negotiate with the staff side before coming to a final conclusion. Unfortunately the NDA Government led by BJP is not ready for a negotiated settlement. Empowered Committee called the staff side on 01.03.2016 and in that meeting the staff side was asked to present their view points on various issues listed in their memorandum. No discussion or negotiation was allowed. Government was not ready to disclose its mind on any of the demands raised by the staff side.

            In the above background the NJCA felt that the staff side is being humiliated by the Government and decided to give a fitting reply to the negative attitude of the NDA Government and the decision to go on indefinite strike from 11th July 2016 was declared. As far as Postal employees are concerned, noneof our demands are considered by the 7th Pay Commission. It simply rejected our demand for upgradation of pay scales of various cadres in the Postal department by saying – “There is no justification for upgrade”. Eventhough the Government and Chairman 7th CPC repeatedly refused to concede our demand for inclusion of Gramin Dak Sevaks under the purview of 7th CPC, surprisingly the 7th CPC has “carefully considered” the demand for grant of civil servant status to GDS and mercilessly rejected it. The NFPE, AIPEU-GDS and PJCA has submitted a detailed memorandum to Secretary, Department of Posts, demanding modifications in the recommendations of the 7th CPC on Postal employees. The PJCA has also served indefinite strike notice on 9th June 2016 and submitted the charter of demands to the Secretary, Departmental of Posts.

            Thus the battle lines are drawn. We cannot predict the attitude of the NDA Government towards the indefinite strike and we cannot rule out the possibility of Government unleashing repressive measures against the strike. Victimization and brutal repressive action by Government using even military and CRPF is not new to the Central Government employees. We are ready to face any vindictive action by the Government, but we will not and shall not go back from our decision to go on indefinite strike, until and unless the NDA Government concede the genuine and legitimate demands submitted by NJCA & PJCA. Let us be very firm and determined and unite the entire Central Government employees to ensure rock-like unity from top to bottom level and make the 11th July 2016 indefinite strike a thundering success.

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