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Monday, April 4, 2016



            Comrade KR GS AIPRPA along with S.Rahman (NCCPA VP) and D.K.Debnath (Convenor RCC) entered into Nagaland State and arrived at Kohima the capital. Comrade Daniel Domeh Divisional Secretary P3 Nagaland received us. The meeting is slated today at 1.00 P.M. Yesterday on 3rd Comrade Daniel took us to the historical monument of international fame 'Second World War Cemetery' maintained by Commonwealth. In this cemetery all heroes of British & Indian soldiers died in 1944 in the war with Japanese Army invading India from Burma. The British Indian Army heroically fought and defeated the Japanese at Nagaland in defending the road to Imphal! Thousands of Englishmen and Indians both Musalman and Hindus sacrificed their lives. The World War at that time came to an end with the atom bomb attack by USA on Hiroshima and Nagasagi. In the honour of soldiers died in Nagaland battle, this historic cemetery is built and Commonwealth is maintaining it. A remarkable international tourist attraction:

Manipur State AIPRPA!
            GS AIPRPA reached Imphal the capital of Manipur along with S.Rahman (VP NCCPA) and D.K.Debnath (RCC Convenor) by flight from Guwahati today afternoon at 2.00 P.M. NFPE comrades led by P3 Divisional Secretary com.Naba Chandra Singh took us from airport to Imphal HPO for the postal pensioners meeting at the room of Workplace Training Centre. A good meeting on pensioners issues and 7th CPC issues were the main topic by leaders before the participants. The Pensioners were impressed with the idea of formation of AIPRPA Manipur State. It was resolved unanimously to constitute a 15 member Steering Committee with Comrade R.K.Maipaksana as its General Convenor. It was also resolved that this Steering Committee will conduct an enlarged meeting of more pensioners on 4th April on the pension payment day at Imphal and form a detailed State Steering Committee under the guidance of P3 Divisional Secretary. It was also considered to explore formation of CGPA under NCCPA at Manipur State after forming AIPRPA. Thus the visit to Manipur, which was once under the grip of insurgency, and still with some problems, turned out to be fruitful and an organization for AIPRPA has also been found for another North Eastern State. As most of the pensioners turned out today were divisional secretaries and office bearers of NFPE in their service time, their awareness to form pensioners organization was visibly high!


                As planned the circle unions of NE Circle (P3, P4 & Admn) under the leadership of comrade Ramani Bhattacharyya organized a well attended combined meeting of employees & pensioners first and later an exclusive meeting of pensioners today at 11.30 a.m in Recreation Club hall of Shillong GPO. Comrades KR GS AIPRPA - S.Rahman VP NCCPA - and F.K.Debnath RCC Convenor addressed along with Circle Secretaries. The meetings were presided over by a presidium of comrades B.B.Chettri (Circle President P4) & S.P.Dohling ACS P3. The pensioners meeting unanimously formed a State Steering Committee with 15 Pensioners with comrades L.Shylla as President; Kaushik Chakraborty as General Convenor; and Jagdish Dey ad Treasurer. Decided to enroll full membership throughout Meghalaya and hold State Convention in three months:

            There was a very good meeting of Postal Pensioners including some senior most comrades in Aizawl HPO premises at 10.30 Hrs on 30.03.2016. The meeting was organized, presided and anchored by comrade P.C.Vanlalchhuang Divisional Secretary P3 Mizoram. GS AIPRPA narrated the developments leading to the formation of AIPRPA and pensioners issues before and after 7th CPC. Comrades D.K.Debnath (RCC Convenor) and S.Rahman (NCCPA VP) also addressed. After interactions to clear all doubts, a State Steering Committee of AIPRPA with Comrades Lalhuliano Hlondo as President; H. Rangthuama as State General Convenor; and a lady comrade C.Thang as Treasurer was unanimously approved. This Steering Committee will enroll members from throughout Mizoram and organize a State Conference. The rapt attention paid by Pensioners and their enthusiasm were highly appreciable. All welcomed our going to Mizoram, one of the farthest corners of North East for formation of our organization for postal pensioners:

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