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Thursday, October 15, 2015



            The Annual General Body meeting of AIPRPA at New Delhi has been completed. The two-days session of the AIPRPA concentrating the organisation-building measures turned out to be a successful session. Comrade D.K.Rahate the CHQ President presided over the AGM. The Reception Committee headed by Comrades Rajinder Prasad Verma (Chairman) and Deepchand (General Convener) has made excellent arrangements for the conduct of the AGM. More than 100 Delegates including the CHQ Office Bearers and State General Secretaries representing 13 States attended the AGM.

            Inaugural Session: Comrade KKN.Kutty (President Confederation) inaugurated the session on 15th with his penchant speech on the issues of pensioners and workers as well as the adverse policies of the Central Government and called for a sustained movement against the attacks of the Government. Senior leaders of both Pensioners and Employees movement including Comrades Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborti (SG NCCPA); VAN.Namboodiri (Patron NCCPA); K.G.Jayarajan (GS AIBDPA); R.N.Parashar (SG NFPE); O.P.Khanna (GS Admn FNPO); Giriraj Singh (President NFPE); and R.Seethalakshmi (GS P4) addressed the inaugural session. Later in the subjects committee comrades C.C.Pillai (Advisor AIPRPA & Ex-SG NFPE) and K.V.Sridharan (Advisor AIPRPA & Ex-GS P3) addressed elaborately.

            Subjects Committee: The subjects committee witnessed the presentation of a written General Secretary’s Report on all developments since the foundation Conference at Vellore at July, 2014 and a debate by the Delegates and Office Bearers and State Secretaries on all items of agenda. The adopted Report of the General Secretary is being sent to those comrades who could not participate in the AGM. The following decisions are taken unanimously:

1.            A Nationwide Programme of Action on the Demands Charter of Postal Pensioners has been authorized by the AGM. The Programme of Action will be finalized by the next CHQ Executive Committee that will meet after the presentation of the 7th CPC recommendations to Government.

2.            A time bound formation of State Association for AIPRPA in those states where so far a State Association has not been formed is decided. Intense membership campaign by visiting the HPOs on the day of pension payment; door to door campaign to enroll pensioners as members of AIPRPA; distribution of circulars in local languages explaining the background of formation of AIPRPA; Planning for the meeting of former Divisional and Branch Secretaries in each district to form the nucleus of AIPRPA; concentrating the campaign among the women pensioners to involve them in pensioners activities etc are the activities emphasized.

3.            The Annual Subscription to the monthly journal “Pensioners Post” has been fixed as Rs.120/-

4.            Amendments to the Byelaw have been unanimously adopted. The annual subscription of the membership has been decided as Rs.200/- with the quota to State Association and CHQ @ 25% of the above annual subscription.

5.            It has been decided that 20 Delegates and 20 Visitors from AIPRPA will participate in the 3rd AIC of NCCPA at Kolkata on 6th and 7th of November, 2015. The names of 20 Delegates have been approved by the AGM and the number of visitors from each state also has been finalized as per the instructions of NCCPA Reception Committee to limit our participation strictly within the above number.

6.            The AGM discussed several problems of pensioners including the present position on implementation of 30thJuly orders on refixation of Pre-2006 Pensioners; Impact of OROP granted to Pensioners of Armed Forces vis-à-vis the Parity of pension to past and future civilian pensioners; Issue of refixation of pension to all post-1996 postmen pensioners; Need to file court cases on MACP to promotee pensioners;  Non-issue of revised PPOs to Postal Pensioners; Channel of communication to AIPRPA at all levels; Need to convene the CHQ Executive immediately after the submission of CPC Report in December; Enrolling maximum subscription for the proposed monthly journal “Pensioners Post” etc.

7.            The AGM adopted resolutions on launching a Programme of Action on a Charter of Demands of Postal Pensioners after the submission of 7th CPC recommendations; on Implementation of pension refixation orders for Pre-2006 Pensioners; On grant of full pension to pre-2006 pensioners with less than 33  years of service; On  refixation of pension to all post-1996 Postmen pensioners; On granting life membership of CGHs to Pensioners in Andhra and Telengana who have already remitted CGHS contribution for a period of 10 years on six monthly spells; On opening of a CGHS dispensary in the State of bifurcated Andhra Pradesh; On issue of orders by Government to not to recover any amount from retiring officials as per the latest Apex Court orders; On extending the benefit of Court Judgments to all similarly placed pensioners; On channel of communication to AIPRPA at all levels and other facilities; and On the delay in grant of family pension to NPS families.

            The Reception Committee had honoured several important personalities who have contributed in several ways for the successful conduct of the AGM in New Delhi. The Reception Committee also honoured the State of Tamilnadu for the best membership enrollment and for successfully hosting the 1st AIC.

General Secretary
A view of participants in the AGM New Delhi
CHQ President D.K.Rahate
General Secretary K.Ragavendran 

President Confederation KKN.Kutty inaugurating AGM
NCCPA SG Pavitra Ranjan Chakraborty
VAN.Namboodiri Patron NCCPA
K.G.Jayarajan General Secretary AIBDPA
R.N.Parashar Secretary General NFPE
O.P.Khanna General Secretary Admn FNPO
NFPE President Giriraj Singh
R.Seethalakshmi General Secretary P4 NFPE
C.C.Pillai Advisor AIPRPA & Ex-SG NFPE 
K.V.Sridharan Advisor AIPRPA & Ex-GS P3
Rajinder Prasad Verma President Reception Committee
Deepchand General Convenor Reception Committee honoured by GS AIPRPA
Special Guests of Delhi in the AGM 

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