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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Confusion over submission of Boarding Pass in air travel for central employees

Two simultaneous circulars issued by two different ministries of Central Govt. created an unprecedented confusion among the central employees.

The DOPT circular issued on 7th Oct'14 dispensed with submission of boarding pass on air travel while settling T.A. claims. Click here for the circular.

In the very next day (8th Oct'14) Ministry of Finance issued another circular exactly opposite to the DOPT one. According to this circular, submission of boarding pass on air travel is a proof of journey performed and is a requirement under the rules and procedures of passing T.A. claims. Click here for the Finance Ministry Circular.

Now the central employees are totally confused and in a dilemma regarding which instruction to follow as both are the parent organizations. Will the Govt. come forward and clear the air soon ?

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