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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


All the Circle /Divisional / Branch secretaries to note

This is the month we have to enroll the new members to our union. All new members are to be ENROLLED  before the end of  APRIL, 2014.

There are employees who are not yet enrolled as members in any union (Non-members).  Similarly some employees from other unions may be willing to join our Union.  Further many new-recruits who joined the department are yet to be enrolled as members under check-off system (Recovery of subscription from pay-roll). All the above categories of employees are to be enrolled in the membership in the month of April.  All Divisional/Branch Secretaries and Circle Secretaries are requested to make a special drive to collect the declaration from all non-members in April, 2014.  Declaration form (Letter of Authorisation) can be down loaded by clicking the below link . No other format shall be used.

 CLICK here

All the new members switchingover from other unions have to request to DDO/ POSTMASTER  in writing to stop recovery for subcription to the previous union.

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