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Monday, January 21, 2013

          The period prescribed for ad-hoc service under the Central Government and rules laid down for making ad-hoc service permanent…
          The total period for which the appointment/promotion may be made, on adhoc basis, is limited to one year. In case there are compulsions for extending any adhoc appointment/promotion beyond one year, the approval of the Department of Personnel & Training has to be sought. Also, the Department of Personnel & Training has delegated powers to the administrative Ministries/Departments for appointing the officials of Group ‘C’ and erstwhile Group ‘D’ posts on ad-hoc basis upto a period of three years, in consideration of exigency of work.
         As per the extant policy of the Government, all posts are to be filled in accordance with provisions of the applicable Recruitment Rules. Promotions/appointments on ad-hoc basis are resorted to in exceptional circumstances, to a post which cannot be kept vacant in consideration of its functional/operational requirement. Such ad-hoc appointees have to be replaced with regular incumbents, selected in accordance with procedure prescribed in the relevant applicable statutory Recruitment Rules, at the earliest. In view of this, there is no requirement of making ad-hoc service permanent.
         The above information was submitted as a written reply to a question in the Parliament by the Minister Shri. V. Narayanasamy on 19th December 2012.

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