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Monday, March 31, 2008


Dear Comrades, The Department of Posts has granted recognition to NFPE and FNPO Federations vide its Order No.17/9/2007-SR Dated 27.03.2008. Both the Federations are recognised provisionally subject to review after June 2008, when the results of the next verification process become available. The recognition of NFPE is also subjected to the final outcome of writ petition pending in High Court of Jodhpur. However, due to our sustained efforts the Department has come forward to recognise the Federations. This shall give a boost to our efforts to enroll more members under NFPE Unions / Associations in the ongoing verification process. Comrades are requested to counter any false propaganda by some elements in some circles about the nature of recognition granted to NFPE as such false propaganda is aimed to confuse our members and employees at the time of verification. The Circular issued by NFPE on recognition of Federation and also on Verification Process etc is placed hereunder:


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email: nfpehq@gmail.com


1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110001


PF-01(e)/3/2008                                                                          Dated 29.03.2008



All Office Bearers of NFPE

All General / Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries

NFPE Unions.




Dear Comrades,


The Department of Posts has issued orders recognizing the NFPE and FNPO Federations on 27.03.2008. It is mainly due to the strong support of our rank and file membership at all levels that stood strongly with the NFPE leadership. Thus the Federations are for the first time got recognised under the CCS [RSA] Rules. The Federation and the Postal JCA have been consistently demanding for facilitating all negotiating forums made available to the Postal Employees. Due to our repeated discussions, the Secretary [P] had agreed to expedite the process of recognition and accordingly the Department has now issued orders recognizing provisionally both the Federations pending the results of the ongoing verification process. The recognition of NFPE is subjected to one more condition viz the outcome of the Jodhpur Court Case. We thank the Secretary [P] for honouring his commitment and recognizing the Federations at a time of our need to focus more issues related to Pay Commission with the Government at the level of the JCM National Council. We are confident that the Department of Posts will now go ahead speedily with the reconstitution of regular 'Postal Departmental Council JCM' as well as the 'Regional Council JCM' in all Circles. The 'Periodical Meeting' with our Federation and All India Unions will also to commence without any more delay to discuss across the table various long pending issues and to find settlement in these negotiating forums. Much sought relief against suffocation is required for the Postal Employees through meaningful negotiations and settlement of all justified long pending issues.




The Department of Posts has issued orders for commencing the reverification of membership and the new format 'Letter of Authorization in which members have to sign and submit to DDOs through the Divisional Secretary are already dispatched to all Circle Secretaries and Divisional Secretaries by the respective CHQs.


The important points to be kept in mind by the Divisional Secretaries are:



  1. Those employees who sign letter of authorization to more than one Union will be made ineligible to become member of any Union for the next five years until the next verification. If the signatures of the employees are not genuine and found to be fake/fabricated/non-genuine on scrutiny then the concerned Divisional Secretary's trade union facilities would be withdrawn till the next verification process after 5 years.


  1. The letter of authorization forms in the prescribed proforma [Annexure –II] [bearing the signature of Director (SR & Legal)] only should be submitted by the employees. The last date for submission of letter of authorization forms to DDOs by the Divisional Secretaries is 10.06.2008. More than 70 days time is given for collecting Declaration forms from members.


  1. Along with the letters of authorization, 'a list of members in triplicate' duly signed by the Authorized Office Bearer on each page to be submitted to the DDO.


  1. DDOs will display the list in Notice Board from 11.06.08 to 20.06.08. Employees who found their names in the list of a Union for which he has not given letter of authorization can represent to the DDO by 21.06.2008. No representation received after 21.06.08 would be entertained.


  1. Recovery of subscription based on the letters of authorization will be made by the DDOs in the pay of June 2008 payable on 30.06.2008.


  1. DDOs shall complete the work of compilation by 10.07.2008 and submit the figures to Chief PMGs with one copy exhibited in the Notice Board. Only the actual working strength of each cadre should be taken into account while counting total strength and not the total number of sanctioned strength.


  1. Heads of Circles will send consolidated statement to Directorate by 25.07.2008 and display one copy on Notice Board on the same day. The Circle Union will be endorsed a copy of the statement.


  1. Any irregularity on the part of the DDOs would invite disciplinary action against them. One senior office of JAG Grade will be nominated by the Circle Head for attending to the complaints and settlement of disputes in carrying out the verification process.



All our leaders and active comrades at all levels are reminded once again to mobilize maximum membership into our organizations to ensure enrollment of 80% membership in all Unions / Associations.


Our comrades in P3, P4, R3, R4, Admn, Postal A/Cs and GDS should function in close coordination amongst them in carrying out our organisational task.


All Circle, Regional, Divisional and Branch Secretaries are requested to extend maximum help to the leaders of the two newly formed Associations Viz., All India Postal SBCO Employees Association and All India Postal Civil Wing Employees Association as circulated in the NFPE Circular dated 24.03.2008 to ensure maximum membership. Role of P3 and Admn Circle Secretaries is very important.




The NFPE State level Conventions of Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand Circles are successfully completed on 24th, 26th and 27th March 2008. All General Secretaries and the Secretary General attended these conventions. The Conventions at Ambala [Haryana] and Chandigarh [Punjab] will be held on 3.4.2008 and 4.4.2008 respectively. The Conventions earlier fixed for J&K, Himachal and Uttarakhand in April are postponed for different organisational reasons. Further Conventions would take place in May 2008 and the dates for which would be announced later.




The NFPE Delegation consisting of all General Secretaries of affiliated Unions / Associations including the General Secretary of AIPEDEU will shortly tender oral evidence before Nataraja Murti Committee, probably on 10th April 2008 subject to confirmation by the GDS Committee.




The Federal Secretariat of NFPE has decided to bring out the Postal Crusader May Issue as a special issue with exclusive articles from All India Trade Union Leaders and to seek procurement of Advertisements This is part of our efforts to tide over the serious financial crisis of the Federation at this crucial juncture. NFPE appeals all our comrades to help to get minimum one advertisement by each branch union.


With Regards                                                                                            
Comradely Yours




Secretary General




Secretary General NFPE


D. Sathyaseelan said...

Comrade, in Kerala Circle, above
80 % of the staff belong to NFPE.
How can the FNPO get recognition
in Kerala Circle? Today I got a
letter from the circle secretary
that a special session will be
conducted at Kasaragod to discuss
about the denial of separate scale
for System Administrator under the
leadership of Com Raghavendra. I
will also be there on 18th.
With regards,
D. Sathyaseelan, R3 NFPE
Trivandrum Branch.

D. Sathyaseelan said...

Dear Comrade, Now the Information Technology has highly developed. Our Union also holds a site where anyone can view the latest information and circulars. But a very few are viewing our sites and pasting remarks. My suggestion is that wide publicity should be given to all members of of our union about our site through all Conferences- All India / Circle / Division / Branch. Perhaps more than 50% of our union are aware of computer with Internet access. All the Circle / Division / Branch secretaries may be directed to visit nfpe.blogspot.com and record their opinion / Acknowledgement.
Thank you. With regards
D. Sathyaseelan
NFPE, Trivandrum Br.