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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Dear Comrades - The Circular of NFPE containing all the important decisions taken by the Federal Executive of NFPE held at New Delhi - is reproduced below:





PF/01[e]/3/2007    Dated 4 th December 2007



All Office Bearers of NFPE

All General / Circle Secretaries.


Federal Executive of NFPE


Dear Comrade,

The Federal Executive of NFPE met for the first time after the 7th Federal Council Session on 1st December 2007. Comrade D.K.Rahate the President of NFPE presided over the Executive.The meeting condoled the sad demise of departed leaders Com. Ajoy Bhowmik [Leader of CG Employees – WB]; Com.Chandra Gupta [Ex-Dy.General Secretary P4]; Com. Ravinder Sharma [P3 Punjab Circle Secretary]; Mrs. Promila Sharma [W/o Ravinder Sharma] and all who laid down their lives for the cause of working class.

All General Secretaries and Office Bearers of NFPE attended except one comrade due to unavoidable reasons. The Executive had the benefit of presence of our Ex-Secretary General Com.C.C.Pillai and Deputy Secretary General Com. Des Raj Sharma as special invitees. These two leaders addressed the Executive also. The deliberations of the Federal Executive Members were deep on all issues and the Secretary General's Report helped concentrating the issues at hand.

The highlights and the decisions taken in the Executive meeting is as under:

1.     30th October Strike: The strike performance of Postal Employees has considerably improved in comparison to earlier one-day strikes in many circles. The unity of postal workers established through a joint platform and the demands gripping the minds of our employees contributed to the success of the strike. But more than rejoicing the success of strike in many circles and wings of the NFPE and congratulating them, it was the weaknesses and non-participation of employees in certain areas and wings caused concern in the meeting of the Executive. It was noted that unless and otherwise these areas of weaknesses are removed through organisational measurers we cannot bring compulsions on the Government to settle our justified demands. And we cannot afford to allow any deliberate inaction on the part of our leaders holding the leadership at any level to fail to perform their organisational responsibilities during the time of struggles and strikes as expected from them and take their own line of indiscipline against the decision of the all India Organisations.

2.     Recognition of Federation: The Federal Executive noted that despite our complying with all the directives of DOPT, the Department of Posts is delaying unnecessarily to grant recognition to the eligible Federations. The Department of Posts has asked us now to amend the names of the 'Unions' into 'Associations' in the Constitution of NFPE. The Secretary General has already replied to the Department that since the existing unions were recognized by the Government already with the nomenclature of 'Unions', the question of changing it as 'Association' is not feasible. It was also pointed out that in all earlier communications of DOPT and the Department the reference was always as 'Unions/Associations' and therefore there should not be any further delay in grant of recognition. The Federal Executive has noted that   recognition of NFPE is very important in the background of expected recommendations of Pay Commission and to negotiate all issues of regular employees of Postal Department in proper negotiating forums. Therefore it was resolved that any further delay should be met by our agitations by making it as the first demand of our future Charter of Demands.

3.     Resolutions of Federal Council: The Resolutions of the Federal Council as finalized would be published in the next issue of Postal Crusader.

4.     Confederation and common issues: The Federal Executive noted that the 6 th Pay Commission is expected to submit its recommendations at any time before February 2008. The rumours flouted in the media, though denied by the 6 th CPC, cannot be totally baseless and if so the minimum pay scale to Group D as printed in the media could not be accepted at any cost. It was decided by the Executive that our viewpoint that a struggle through Confederation and JCM Steering Committee will become unavoidable if the minimum of Group D pay scale goes below 8000/- shall be placed before the National Executive meeting of Confederation on 9 th December at Bangalore.

5.     On Bonus Ceiling: The Executive noted that despite all the efforts of the Confederation and the JCM Staff Side the issue of bonus ceiling is yet to be granted to CG Employees. There is growing unrest amongst the CG Employees. The issue stands raised on the floor of the Parliament by Members of Parliament also. The Executive noted that this is an issue on which a common stand should be taken by the Steering Committee of JCM Organisations to pressurize the Finance Ministry to issue orders immediately. It was resolved to suggest to the National Executive of Confederation on 9 th December that we should continue our agitational programme of action and political intervention to clinch the issue.

6.     Postal Employees Issues: The Department of Posts is yet to implement many of its commitments held out in the gist of negotiations during April 2007. The going back on its assurance on formation of a Judicial Committee for GDS; the intention of the Department to go ahead with more and more Franchisee outlets as per its 11 th Plan Document; the delay being caused in recognizing the Federations; the continued applicability of Screening Committee; the going back on its word to regularize RRR candidates; the non-absorption of full time and part time Casual Labourers; the delay in filling up residual vacancies in many circles; the delay in granting notional promotions to LSG in many circles etc are causing great concern. Therefore a serious agitational programme culminating in indefinite strike has become necessary. The exact nature of programme and the dates on which the programme and the strike action shall take place will be decided in consultation with the FNPO in the All India Postal JCA. A Comprehensive Charter of Demands including an Annexure containing union wise sectional issues will be prepared for the above programme of action.


7.    Financial Review: The improvement in receipt of Rs.10/- per member NFPE Fund is very slow and not sufficient to overcome the financial crisis. The Executive therefore endorsed the Secretary General's presentation that in addition to making appeals in circulars the leadership should directly undertake organisational measurers to reach out entire rank and file.

8.     Organisation: In order to galvanize the whole movement – to educate the leaders at divisional and branch level on issues like organising a joint struggle on postal issues; organising a common movement if Pay Commission denies justified scale of pay and other benefits; tasks connected with the next membership verification programme that may come up next April 2008; strengthening the finance of NFPE etc the Federal Executive of NFPE has decided to call upon the Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions in all circles to hold a joint state level convention of Circle Office Bearers and Divisional and Branch Secretaries of all affiliated Unions/Associations of NFPE and also with GDS Union in each circle between January and March next year as per the time table the Federal Secretariat will suggest. The Secretary General and all the General Secretaries of NFPE shall participate in all Conventions. This is a very major organisational activity and Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions/Associations are expected to plan collectively for the success of the Conventions.


9.   Re-organisation of Postal C-O-C:   As part of organisational measure the Federal Executive of NFPE also decided to form as well as re-organise the Circle Postal Co-Coordinating Committees under the new by-laws to be finalized by the Federal Secretariat soon . The importance of C-O-C is that it can only play the role of a unifier and organizer of successful movement. It was decided that the Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents of all affiliated Circle Unions/Associations of NFPE and also the GDS Union shall be the members of the re-organised Postal C-O-C. The members of the C-O-C will elect the Office Bearers of the C-O-C viz the President, Convener and the Treasurer during the state level convention mentioned above.


10. GDS Committee : The Federal Executive noted that FNPO and some other Unions submitted Memorandum to Nataraja Murti Committee and that the AIPEDEU GDS Union also directed all members to submit memorandum to Nataraja Murti Committee through the SSPOs after holding demonstrations etc. In this background the Federal Executive of NFPE unanimously decided that the detailed Memorandum on GDS issues already prepared by the NFPE should be submitted to the VI Pay Commission along with our observations as to why we are submitting it to the Sixth Pay Commission.


11. Unity of Regular employees and GDS: The Federal Executive of NFPE noted with concern that despite the earnest efforts taken by the Secretary General and the General Secretary P3, the General Secretary of GDS Union continue to publish anti-NFPE write ups in the union journal. The Executive endorsed the Secretary General's presentation that the GDS Union should create a conducive atmosphere for unity by withdrawing its letter of objection submitted to the Secretary [P] over the outcome of the 7 th Federal Council and take out the NFPE from the list of respondents from all its pending court cases.


12.  PSS Group 'B': The Federal Executive has noted that the issue of PSS Group B examination in relation to the subjects pending in the old departmental council JCM was   discussed between the General Secretaries of P3, R3, Admn Unions. While it was resolved that we should demand appropriate increase of share in PSS Group B posts in consonance with the surrendering of 1/3 rd promotional avenue to IPO posts and to modify the eligibility of PAs/SAs to write the competitive examination on completion of 20 years service irrespective of their status. It was resolved further that the issue would be discussed with the General Secretary of Postal Accounts also by other General Secretaries and then a uniform stand would be projected by the Federation before the Department for settlement.

13.  WFTU / UNI: The Federal Executive noted that the NFPE has participated in the recently held Asia Pacific Regional Conference of World Federation of Trade Unions in New Delhi. NFPE is a member of the Trade Union International [TUI], which is affiliated to the WFTU. The invitation extended by the Union Network International [UNI], another world body of trade unions in which most of the Postal and Telecommunications Unions are members, was considered. We also noted that in the past also NFPE has attended the international seminars organised by them on invitation. It was therefore resolved that while we continue to associate with the TUI and WFTU, we can accept the invitation of UNI and participate in the future meetings of UNI for which we are invited by UNI and to explore the possibility of pursuing the common struggle at the international arena.

14. German Study Tour: The Federal Executive noted that for the first time the Department of Posts is taking the representatives of staff side to an international study tour and welcomed the move. The Executive noted that some General Secretaries of recognized Unions/Associations could not be included in this tour of Germany.   However it was resolved that the Federation would pursue with the department to evolve a formula to be adopted in future for such international tours in which staff side members are also included.

15.  Uniform: On the demand of the P4 Union [NFPE] the Department has called for opinion on changing the colour of the uniform. The Federal Executive has decided to seek khaki colour uniforms instead of blue with good quality terrycot cloth.

15.  Jodhpur Court case: The Executive has resolved to request Comrade Des Raj Sharma Ex-Deputy Secretary General to continue to assist the NFPE in looking after the court case at Jodhpur High Court in which NFPE is a defendant.

16. Postal Crusader: It has been resolved to fix the annual subscription of Postal Crusader as Rs.60/- and individual copy @ Rs.5/- from the issue of January 2008 to meet the escalating cost of printing of the monthly organ of the Federation. NFPE requests the branch secretaries to enroll atleast five annual subscription from each branch union to increase the circulation of the journal.

16.  Solidarity to BSNL Strike: The BSNL Employees under the banner of United Forum of BSNL Employees Unions are launching a one-day strike on 12 th December 2007. We remembered with gratitude that they extended solidarity to the Postal and CG Employees on 30 th October 2007 strike and whenever we were on strikes. The Federal Executive of NFPE has therefore resolved to call upon the entire branches of NFPE to show solidarity to the striking BSNL Employees by holding solidarity demonstrations at all our branches on 12 th December 2007.

17. Quota to Confederation: All branches have to remit their quota to confederation   @ 1/- per member per year in the month of January. The Executive requests all Affiliated All India Unions/Associations to ensure remittance of the same to the Confederation without fail.

Let us get into the task:


Comrades, The task is cut out for all of us by the higher managing body of the NFPE. Let us take a resolve that all the decisions would be implemented with all seriousness to register marked advancement in the organisational activities at all levels. The Circle Secretaries are requested that they may kindly take out copies of this circular of NFPE and send to all divisional and branch secretaries under their circles.  

With Regards,


Comradely Yours




Secretary General


Secretary General NFPE

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