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Friday, November 30, 2012



More than ten lakhs Central Government employees including Postal employees are determined to go on nationwide strike on 12th December 2012. Strike notice to Cabinet Secretary and Secretary, Department of Posts has already been served on 19th November 2012. The 26th July Parliament march in which more than 20000 employees participated, itself is a manifestation of the growing discontentment among the Central Government employees.
There was about 36 lakhs Central Government employees prior to 1990. The downsizing policy implemented by the Central Government during the last two decades has resulted in reduction of about 8 lakh posts and the total number of employees has come down to 28 lakhs. More and more Government functions are being outsourced. Contractorisation and privatization has become the order of the day. More than four lakhs posts are lying vacant in Central Services. Workload has increased but filling up of vacant posts and creation of new posts are not taking place.
Prices of essential commodities are shooting up. Deregulation of petroleum prices, withdrawal of subsidies including Kerosene and cooking gas, dismantling of public distribution system, futures trading, hoarding by black marketers etc. has resulted in unprecedented price rise especially of essential commodities. As a result large scale erosion has taken place in the real wages of the employees and workers, DA granted is not in commensurate with the price rise. In these circumstances, appointment of 7th Central Pay Commission should not be delayed any further. The three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks of the Postal department should also be brought under the purview of the Pay Commission. The demands for departmentalization of GDS and extension of all the benefits of the departmental employees should be considered favourably by the Government.
The Contributory Pension scheme is nothing but a farce. Under this scheme there is no guarantee that an employees will get minimum eligible pension at the time of retirement. Everything depends upon the vagaries of share market. During the last economic recession which started from USA, pension funds had collapsed and lakhs and lakhs of people are forced to live without any social security or pension.

Merger of DA with pay, removal of restrictions on compassionate appointments, revision of wages and regularization of casual labourers, removal of bonus ceiling and discrimination in bonus to GDS, non functioning of JCM forums, non-implementations of Arbitration awards, Revision of OTA and Night duty allowance, grant of five promotions, Right to Strike and trade union victimizations are the other demands raised by the confederation of Central Government Employees and workers in the strike charter.

          Intensive campaign is going on in all states and no doubt, the 12th December strike will be one of most successfull strike of the Central Government employees.

NFPE calls upon the Postal & RMS employees including Gramin Dak Sewaks to join the strike en-masse and make the strike a historic success.

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