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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MINUTES OF COMMITTEE OF CADRE RESTRUCTURING OF MMS STAFF HELD IN THE CHAMBERS OF PMG (BD, MKTG & TECH), % CPMG AP CIRCLE, HYDERABAD ON 11TH & 12TH JUNE 2012                                                                                                                                                           
             A committee comprising of following members constituted by Secretary Post vide Directorate letter no. 01/01/2011-sr dated 20.01.2012 on the Cadre Restructuring of MMS Staff met on 11.06.2012 and 12.06.2012 in the office of the Chief Post Master General, A.P. Circle, Hyderabad.
1.         Ms. K. Sandhya Rani, PMG(BD)-Chair Person
2.        Director(MV)        -           Member- official side
3.        Sri Giri Raj Singh  -      Member - Staff side
4.        Sri D. Theagarajan -     Member - Staff side

1.         In the meeting the committee further discussed at length, the suggestions of staff side; members regarding existing recruitment rules of various cadres of MMS, i.e. Technical & Non-Technical cadres.
2.         The staff side and official side members unanimously made specific recommendations for technical cadres and non-technical cadres based on their functional requirements.
3.         The committee also discussed the matching saving needed to some cadres to address financial implications of certain recommendations made with reference to these cadres.   This matching savings needed for some cadres will be prepared and submitted by the Director (MV). The same will be discussed in the next meeting and incorporated in the final report of the committee. 
4.         The next meeting will be held on 13th of July 2012.  It was decided to discuss the final draft report on the cadre restructuring committee on MMS in that meeting and submit the final report to the Department by 25.07.2012. 

            SD/-                                           SD/-
              ( L Arshad Khan)                   ( R. K. Sharma)
              Manager, MMS                      Director (MV)
                 Hyderabad                          Member (official side)

                   SD/-                                   SD/-
         (Giri Raj Singh)                          ( D. Theagarajan) 
         Member (StaffSide)                    Member (Staff Side)
                                               ( K. Sandhya Rani)
                                   Chairperson & PMG (BD, Mktg & Tech)
                                                  % CPMG AP Hyd

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