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Monday, February 13, 2012


D.D. Posts No. 09-01/2005-WS/PE.I dated 7th February, 2012.

         The meeting of the Committee was held on 25th January, 2012 at 1100 hrs. in PLI Directorate. The meeting was attended by the following:

i)          Shri S.K. Sinha, CGM, PLI            -- Chairperson

ii)         Shri V.P. Singh, DDG (Establishment)

iii)        Shri Satish Kumar, Director (Finance)

iv)        Mr. I.S. Dabas, General Secretary,

            AIPEU Postmen & Group 'D'

v)         Mr. T N Rahate, General Secretary,

            NUPE Postmen & Group 'D'/MTS

vi)        Mr. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE.

vii)       Mr. D. Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO.

viii)      Mr. K.V. Sridharan, General Secretary, AIPEU Group 'C'


2.         The items assigned to the Committee as per the Terms of Reference were discussed at length as follows:

(i)         Extraction of data entry work from Postmen: The staff side agreed in Principle that the postmen had no objection in performing the data entry work provided suitable time factor for this element of work was allowed in their overall work load. In vie of this, the staff side was assured that appropriate action would be taken to evolve suitable time factor for data entry work by Postmen, keeping in view the pattern of work flow on this account in the post offices. It was agreed to finish this by 30th April, 2012. As some Postmen find difficulty in data entry, I was agreed that necessary training in this regard would be imparted to the Postmen.

(ii)        Irregular computation of working hours for Postmen working in field units: Referring to the norms of postal establishment issued by the Postal Directorate vide F. No. 9-1/2005-WS-I/PE.I dated 5.2.2010, the staff side drew attention to the point that after 6 months of the implementation of revised norms, the CPMsG/PMsG were required to review the impact of the new norms and send their feed back to the Directorate. To this, the staff side was informed by DDG (Estt.) that the feed back from majority of the Circles has already been received, and the exercise with regard to assessing the impact of new norms is in process. However, the staff side expressed its reservation on the following items of revised norms for postmen establishment:-

a)         The staff side mentioned that the time factor of 0.42 minutes provided for delivery of unregistered mail in multi-storied buildings (Sl. No. 2) is inadequate and which needs to be further relaxed;

b)         The time factor of 2.00 minutes provided for delivery of Speed Post Articles (Sl. No. 11) should be brought at par with the time factor provided for Registered Mail, which is 2.50 minutes;

c)         It was insisted that some ways and means should be found out to work out the time factor for door to door distance travelled by foot by the Postmen;

d)         The time factor provided for travelling distance by foot and by bicycle in the hilly & mountainous terrains of less congested area needs to be relaxed in view of the extra physical efforts and time involved in covering such areas. The staff side was informed that this aspect is under consideration. On items (a) (b) & (c), it was agreed that the matter would be looked into by the official side and a considered view would be taken in the next meeting.

(iii)       Removal of minimum cycleable distance for grant of Cycle maintenance Allowance of Postmen: The staff side was informed that necessary orders for grant of Cycle Maintenance Allowance irrespective of the distance covered by the Postmen have been issued by the Directorate. In view of this , the staff side agreed to close this item.

(iv)      Scheme of payment of incentive to Postmen for delivery of Speed Post articles: After discussion, it was decided that the CGM, Business Development and Marketing Directorate would be requested to issue suitable instructions to all the Circles to the effect that the all payments of Speed Post delivery incentive bills pertaining to Postmen must be cleared by 31.3.2012.

(v)        Minimum and maximum area of beat to be covered on foot/bicycle during duty hours: The staff side made the following points:

a)         A decision should be taken to decide the maximum beat length which a Postmen is supposed to travel by foot or bicycle. To facilitate further examination of this aspect, the staff side agreed to bring to the notice of official side, some specific instances of every large beats covered by the Postmen in some parts of the country.

b)         It was pointed out that the combination of beats being resorted to in the post offices having 4+strength of the postmen should be removed. After detailed discussion, a view emerged that combination of beats should be resorted to only by exception as it adversely impacts the delivery efficiency.

c)         It was pointed out by the staff side that Postmen face difficulty in delivery of registered  parcels weighing more than 5 kgms. each and EPP articles for which maximum weight of 35 kgms. per articles has been fixed. It was highlighted that either some reasonable rate and mode of conveyance for delivering EPP articles should be fixed, or the rates of coolie charges fixed in the past should be revised for efficient delivery of registered parcel.

3.         It was decided to hold the next meeting of the Committee on 5th March,2012b at 1100 hrs. in PLI Directorate.

4.         The meeting ended with Vote of Thanks to the Chair.


(V.P. Singh)

DDG (Estt.)


D.G. Posts No. 2-13/2009-PCC dated 12 Aug 2011.

            The issue of financial upgradations admissible to the cadre of Wireman of Postal Building Maintenance Staff {other than those of civil/electrical wing} under ACP Scheme of Aug, 99 has been examined in this Directorate in the light of the clarifications given by the DOPT vide OM No. 35034/1/97-Estt (D) (Vol. IV) dated 10.02.2000 under Items No. 2 & 10 and in particular the availability of isolated posts of Electrician in some Postal Circles of the Department in promotional hierarchy with no other further promotional avenue.

2.         The issue has been considered and I am directed to clarify that the mobility under ACPS was prescribed to be allowed  in the 'existing hierarchy' & selection grade allowed to them, if any, which was not a part of the hierarchy was prescribed to be not counted as promotion for the purpose of ACPS. Since the selection grade was not a part of the defined hierarchy for them, the pay scale not being part of hierarchy was required to be withdrawn and fall in pay resulting out of this was to be protected by granting personal pay in the aforesaid direct entry grade to be adjusted against future increments in the light of clarification on item No. 2. Thereby, at the time of allowing financial upgrdation under ACP I of Aug, 99 Scheme, direct recruited Wireman was to be allowed the scale of pay of Rs. 4000-6000 (Pre-revised scale of pay of isolated posts of Electrician in the promotional hierarchy within the Department) under ACP-I. Further, a directly recruited Wireman was to be allowed pre-revised scale of pay of RS. 4500-7000(S-8) under ACP II {taking into account no further promotional avenue} as per Annexure II to DOPT OM No. 35034/1/97-Estt(D) dated 09.08.1999.

3.         This issues with the approval of competent authority. The contents of this letter may be brought to the notice of all concerned. 

Secretary General NFPE

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