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Sunday, October 14, 2007


Dear Comrades! Greetings. Please find the first circular of NFPE issued after the Federal Council as well as the Postal JCA Circlular and JCA leaders tour programme hereunder:



1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi - 110001


No. PF/01/2007  Dated 12.10.2007




All Office Bearers of NFPE,

All General Secretaries,

All Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries

of NFPE affiliates,


Dear Comrades,


The 7th Federal Council session of the National Federation of Postal Employees was held at Moulali, Yuva Kendra, Kolkata [WB] from 7th to 9th October 2007 under the presidentship of comrade S. P.Mukherjee the Vice President of NFPE. Federal Councilors of all the affiliates of the federation and ex-officio members including the federal councillors of GDS Union as per the direction of the Honourable Delhi High Court participated in full. The Reception Committee under the Chairmanship of Honourable Mayor of Kolkata Com. Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharyya and with Comrade Milan Bhattacharya the Circle Secretary P-IV West Bengal as its General Secretary made a very fine arrangement for the successful conduct of the Federal Council.


Grand inaugural session:


The 7th Federal Council was officially started with the flag hoisting and homage to martyrs column on 7.10.2007. The National Flag was hoisted by Com. S. K. Vyas, Chairman of the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers and the flag of NFPE was hoisted by the Vice President of NFPE Comrade P.Suresh amidst resounding slogans renting the air. The leaders paid floral tributes to the martyr column before commencing the inaugural session. The Kolkata University Centenary Hall auditorium in which the inaugural session was held was jam packed with more than 2000 comrades. The inaugural session was chaired by the Vice President of NFPE Comrade S. P.Mukherjee. Honourable Mayor of Kolkata delivered the welcome address. Our Chief Guest and the Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal Comrade Budhadeb Bhattacharyya; Comrade K.K.N.Kutty the Secretary General Confederation; Com. S. K. Vyas the Chairman Confederation; Com.C.C.Pillai the Ex-Secretary General NFPE; Com. M.S.Raja the Secretary General Audit Association; Com. VAN Namboodiri the General Secretary of BSNL Employees Union; Com. Des Raj Sharma the Ex-Dy Secretary General NFPE addressed the session. All the speakers including the Special Guest exposed the anti worker polices of the UPA Government emanating from its policies of liberalisation and globalisation and the problems faced by the postal and CG Employees. The inaugural session witnessed a galaxy of most senior veteran trade union leaders of the CG and P&T TU movement belonging to West Bengal grace the occasion.






The Council deliberated in detail on all issues under the item of agenda of Organisational issue. Almost half the total number of Federal Councillors and ex-officio out of the total attendance of 102 took part in the discussion. The Council resolved to mobilise the entirety of postal workers for the successful mobilisation of 30th October Strike on the 12 point charter of demands. The Council also decided to observe the whole month of November of 2007 in a very pompous manner the centenary celebrations of Calcutta Postal Club that was founded by the father of the postal trade union movement comrade Babu Tarapada Mukherjee in 1907. The Council had adopted appropriate resolutions on various issues of agenda items, which will be published in the Postal Crusader. The Council decided with the support of more than two-thirds majority of the house in a secret ballot to amend the various Articles of NFPE Constitution in accordance with the requirement of CCS [RSA] Rules 1993.


Champion of GDS:


The Federal Council discussed in depth about the importance of keeping the unity of GDS and regular employees of the postal department. The Council noted that the organisational structure of the NFPE could not include the GDS Union as an affiliate because of the Government of India Recognition Rules but decided to keep the unity of GDS and regular employees through building a strong unity between the federation, federated unions and the GDS Union for defending the class interests of GDS employees. The Council resolved to carry forward the tradition of NFPE to champion the cause of more than 2.75 lakhs of GDS through united struggels and ensure that the entirety of regular employees stand behind the GDS and protect them from any kind of attack by the policies of Government.


New Office Bearers:


The election of office bearers to the federation was unanimous. The following comrades were elected as the office bearers for the ensuing term:


President:               Com. D.K.Rahate [R-3 - Maharashtra]


Working President: Com. M.Krishnan [P-3 - Kerala]


Vice Presidents:      Com. S.P.Mukherjee [Admn - W.B]

                              Com.  K. K.Sharma [R-4 - Delhi]

                              Com. P.Rajanayagam [Postal A/Cs Kerala]


Secretary General:  Com. K. Ragavendran [P-3 - Tamilnadu]


Dy.Secretary General:  Com. Ishwar Singh Dabas [P4 - Delhi]


Secretaries:          Com. R. N. Parashar [P3 - U.P]

                            Com. C.Chandrasekar [P-3 - Tamilnadu]

                           Com. R.Seethalakshmi [P-4 - Karnataka]


Treasurer:             Com. Rajkumar [P-4 - Delhi]



Submission of list of office bearers:


The list of newly elected office bearers has been submitted to the Secretary [P] and Member [P]. A delegation comprising of the newly elected Secretary General Comrade K.Ragavendran, Com. C.C.Pillai the Ex-Secretary General, Com. Des Raj Sharma the Ex-Dy.Secretary General and Com.K.V.Sridharan the General Secretary of P3 met the Member [P] on 11.10.2007 afternoon and submitted the list of office bearers and discussed the issue of RRR Candidates of Tamilnadu as well as the PLB bonus to postal employees. Member [P] assured to immediately take action for getting the file on bonus from the finance ministry for effecting payment. On RRR candidates issue we have to continue our efforts politically also in order to make the department withdraw the SLP from the Supreme Court.


Finance of NFPE:


The financial position of NFPE is on minus balance. Whatever strength the NFPE could muster financially after the last federal council at Thiruvananthapuram in 2004 have gone because of various court cases filed against the NFPE by the GDS Union. Even the day-to-day functioning of the federation has become very difficult without any funds. There is no funds left even to pay the salary to staff working in the federation and to the Secretary General and other office bearers who come on Foreign Service to work at the headquarters. The days to come are hard and require a very effective functioning in order to strengthen the headquarters of federation. The Affiliates at all levels are only reminded once again the earlier decision of the Federal Secretariat to collect from all the members of NFPE a sum of Rs.10/- towards NFPE Fund during the bonus payment and remit it immediately to NFPE. It is the responsibility of the rank and file now to pull the federation out of its present financial crisis and we are confident that the membership will not disappoint.  


30th October, 2007 General Strike:


Comrades! The Confederation of CG Employees and the All India State Government Employees Federation as well as the organizations of Teachers have already served the strike notice for launching the nationwide one-day strike on 30th October 2007. The Government is playing games by leaking out some information about future pay scales etc as though the 6th CPC has submitted some recommendations. The membership is cautioned that this may be an attempt to confuse us at the time of launching of our strike. Even the leaked information as available in the media shows that the minimum demand of pay parity with public sector or a need-based minimum wage is not going to be accepted. There appears to be a serious attack on the DA formula to delay the compensation against price rise. We cannot forget the looming danger of recommendation of pay commission for privatisation of pension, for which a sub-committee had already been constituted by the 6th CPC itself. Therefore as a prelude to the future struggles to defend the interests of the entirety of CG Employees, the 30th October 2007 token strike is to be treated as the forerunner. The NFPE calls upon the rank and file to take the call very seriously and organise a total strike on that day by forging strong unity with the FNPO organisations, which have also served strike notice jointly with NFPE.   The success of the strike alone will make the Pay Commission and the Government rethink about their present course of attacking the interests of the central government workers and employees.


Campaign Tour Programme of JCA Leaders:


The Office bearers of the Federations and All India Unions of both NFPE and FNPO will launch a nationwide campaign Tour programme. The Circle Secretaries will join the All India leaders during the campaign programme to these centres. The campaign at all other centres in the circles will be organised by the Circle Secretaries   and  Circle Office  Bearers of both NFPE and   FNPO     unions including CHQ office bearers of all Unions belonging to both Federations. The all India campaign tour programme is enclosed also.  All CHQ office bearers of all the affiliates of NFPE & FNPO those are not included in tour programme will take the responsibility of organizing   campaign programme in their respective Circles along with the Circle Secretaries of both the Federations. They will make separate tour programme covering important Centres in their respective Circles.


Let us rise up to the task:


Comrades! The team of outgoing office bearers under the leadership of Comrade C.C. Pillai has discharged their due role in keeping the banner of NFPE high amidst the entirety of CG Employees and other working class. Now the task is transferred on to the shoulders of the new team of office bearers. We assure that with the cooperation of our rank and file at all level we shall rise up to the task at this critical hour.


With warm greetings,

Yours fraternally,


[K. Ragavendran]

Secretary General

Mobile No. 09444919295








I Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi 110001


T-24, Atul Grove, New Delhi 110001


JCA/1/10/2007                                                                           Dated 12 th .10.2007




All Office Bearers of NFPE/FNPO

All General Secretaries,

All Circle / Divisional / Branch Secretaries

of NFPE /FNPO affiliates,


Strike Tour of Postal JCA Leaders


Dear Comrades/Colleagues,


            The tour programme of NFPE and FNPO Federation Office Bearers and General Secretaries of affiliated Unions of both the federations is enclosed. The Circle Secretaries of both the Federations are requested to contact leaders of C-O-C Confederation and Circle Secretaries of other affiliates of Confederation to hold the under mentioned campaign meetings unitedly as a common programme of all C. G. Employees. The Confederation headquarters will also instruct the Confederation Office Bearers and leaders of others affiliates in this regard to coordinate with our postal union circle secretaries.


            The Office Bearers of the Federation and the CHQ Office Bearers of affiliates of both the Federations whose name are not mentioned in the under mentioned campaign will take the responsibility of organizing campaign tour programme in their respective circles, in co-ordination with the Circle Secretaries of both the federations. They will make separate tour programme covering important centers in their respective circles.


Comrades/Colleagues Organising the strike on 30 th October 2007 most effectively rests on us. The Postal JCA is confident that we shall be definitely able to accomplish the task with our total unity and determination. The success of the strike is the prelude to our making a strong impression on the Sixth Pay Commission and the Government that the CG employees immediately defer the anti worker policies and force the Govt. to concede the genuine demands of the Govt. employees


With warm greetings,


Yours fraternally,



  (D.Theagarajan)          [K. Ragavendran]    

Secretary General         Secretary General

        FNPO                                  NFPE


Tour Programme




Hyderabad        18-10-2007

1. Com. P. Suresh  G.S. R-IV (NFPE)                         

2. Com. D. Kishan Rao G.S. P-III (NFPE)


BIHAR / Jharkhand


Patna    23-10-2007

Ranchi 24-10-2007

1.  Com. S.P. Mukharjee G.S. Admin (NFPE)

2. Com. S. K. Mishra AGS NUP Gr. 'C' (FNPO)




Raipur   24-10-2007

1. Com. S.K. Nema Working President P-III (NFPE)

2. Com. K. C. Srivastava     FNPO




Ahmedabad     26-10-2007

1. Com. K.V. Sridharan   G.S. P-III (NFPE)

2. Com.C. P. Nayi  Vice President NUP-IV (FNPO)




Shimla 26-10-2007

1. Com. Giri Raj Singh   G.S. R-III (NFPE)

2. Com. G. M. Vani Vice President , NUP Gr. 'C' FNPO




Ambala 23-10-2007


1. Com. I. S. Dabas G.S. P-IV NFPE          

2. Com. N. Mohinder Singh C/S NUP Gr. 'C' FNPO


J & K


Jammu 24-10-2007    

1.Com. P. Rajanayagam GS Postal Accounts NFPE

2. Com. G. M. Vani Vice President   NUP Gr. 'C' FNPO




Bangalore   24.10.2007

1. Com. K.V. Sridhran GS P-III NFPE

2. Com. B. Shivkumar AGS NUP Gr. 'C' FNPO




Bhopal    23-10-2007

1. Com. Giri Raj singh GS R- III NFPE

2. Com. Prahlad Jaiswal FNPO Gr. 'C' NUP





Mumbai 18-10-2007

1. Com. D. K. Rahate,   President NFPE

2. Com.T. N. Rahate ,GS NU P-IV FNPO




Bhubneswar    24.10.2007


1. Com. Milan Bhattacharya President   P-IV NFPE

2. Com. B.C. Parida Vice President NUP Gr. 'C' FNPO




Chandigarh    25-10-2007


1.Com. Giri Raj Singh GS R-III NFPE

2.Com. Dharam Singh AGS NUR-III FNPO




Jaipur 26-10-2007


1. Com. I.S. Dabas GS P-IV NFPE  

2. Com. Mansoor Ahmed Vice President NUPE (FNPO)




Chennai 18-10-2007


1. Com. K. Ragavendran Secretary General, NFPE

2. Com. D Theagarajan Secretary General, FNPO




Lucknow   26-10-2007


1. Com. R.N. Parashar Secretary NFPE

2. Com.  Shakeel Ahmed Varni President FNPO  




DEHRADUN    24.10.2007


1. Com. I.S. Dabas GS P-IV NFPE

2.Com. S.A. Ansari , AGS, NUP Gr. 'C' FNPO      




All General Secretaries according to tour programme of Delhi Circle.



Secretary General NFPE

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