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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I am reproducing the latest orders of the Postal Department on filling up of LSG posts in Postal and RMS:

Filling up of Lower Selection Grade posts in Post Offices and RMS Offices

Copy of D.G. (P) Cir. Lr. No. 137-4/2006-SPB-II dated 22-05-2007

All Pr. Chief Postmasters General / Chief Postmasters General of Circles
All Postmasters General / The Controller, Foreign Mails, Mumbai

It may please be recalled that as per this Directorate's letter No. 137-4/2006-SPB.II dated 30th May 2006, it was informed that like the HSG-I and HSG-II cadres the LSG cadre will also be a Circle Cadre and the posts in the said Grade should be filled up by promotion as per the revised Recruitment Rules notified on 18-05-2006.

2. In order to make promotions to LsG it was decided during the meeting, held by Dy. Director General (Personnel) with the Astt. Postmasters General / Asstt. Directors (Staff) on 4th May 2007, that all the Circles will prepare and circulate the draft Gradation List of Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants by the end of May 2007.

3. In this context it may be noted that prior to 30-05-2006, the LSG was a Divisional cadre and the posts in the said grade were required to be filled up accordingly.

4. It may be recalled that vide this Directorate's letter No. 4-16/2002-SPB-II dated 12-11-2002 all the Circles were advised that norm based LSG / HSG-II posts should be filled up notionally in terms of the relevant Recruitment Rules from the year when the norm based promotions had not been carried out so that promotions to upgraded posts in HSG-I could be made from amongst the eligible HSG-II officials. Accordingly, all the Circles were required to ensure that DPCs are convened to fill up the posts notionally so as to update the filling up of the norm-based posts.

5. It is essential to emphasize here that the notional promotion to norm-based posts as advised vide letter dated 12-11-2002 was not supposed to be one-time exercise but was to be carried out notionally from year to year with effect from the year the promotions had not been carried out. Therefore, a critical review may be carried out to ensure that notional promotions had been carried out at the Divisional level in the LSG cadre up to the year 2002 and vacancies which arose after the notification of revised Recruitment Rules notified on 07-02-2002 till 17-05-2006 have been filled up in terms of the provisions of the said revised Recruitment Rules. After latest revision of Recruitment Rules, notified on 18-05-2006, the vacancies in LSG are required to be filled by promotion as Circle cadre as intimate vide letter dated 30-05-2006 on the basis of the gradation lists being prepared by the Circles.

6. All the Circles are once again requested to ensure that the notional promotions have been given to the eligible officials to the LSG cadre so that only those officials figure in the Gradation List of PA / SA at Circle level who could not be given notional promotions / promotions by following the above-stated exercise for want of norm-based vacancies.

Yours faithfully,
(V.C. Kajla)
Director (SPN)

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